IMAX B6 question

So today I was charging my lipo ready for airsoft tomorrow and I was sat next to it the whole time but I was distracted and didn’t look at the voltage levels. I was using an IMAX b6 and assumed that it would auto cut off when it reached the 11.1V but it didn’t and kept going. I heard the lipo swelling and instantly unplugged it and took it outside, it was buggered that this point and caught fire (it was contained in a lipo bag) The reason I’m making this post is to ask if the b6 has auto cut off? I doesn’t make any sense as to why it wouldn’t

In what mode and how many cells did you have it setup to charge at

Charging at 1A 3S

Balance charge or just 3s charge

Balance 10 char

I charge mine on balance mode and normally a buzzer will sound when its finished, did you hear it go off?

No, it was literally sat next to me :frowning:

definitely should be a buzzer/warning sound to tell you when it done, although im sure its a setting you can turn on/off so id check there see ifs accidentally been turned off.

Just had a look and its defo on, I may have accidently used charge and not balance but I am pretty sure I used balance, oh well. Bit scared of charging now

11.1V is the nominal voltage for 3S LiPo, i.e. 3.7V per cell. The fully charged is 4.2V per cell or 12.6V for 3S. That’s where the iMAX B6 stops charging. BTW, if you have the balance lead in, it doesn’t matter whether you “balance” or “charge”. It will balance the cells either way. Or, in other words, it will make sure all 3 cells are charged exactly 4.2V.

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