Immediate DRV8302 error on FOCBOX

Hooked up my FOCBOX to my 190kv motor (torqueboards 6374) and 10s2p battery pack and all I got right away was the flashing red “fault” light and the DRV8302 error. Enertion said there is no indication of manufacturing error. They said it was most likely bad settings. What are the Go-To settings for this setup? I’m not super familiar with the BLDC tool.

I think once DRV error happens you need to send it in for repairs… as for setup i just went on youtube lots of documentation there. some other builds on here with 10s2p might have settings posted…

Can you send me pictures of your setup and pictures of your settings.

Antispark in between battery and focbox?

no antispark will never kill your electronics. only your plug

Does anyone know if the DRV chip can be repaired DIY style? I’d rather not buy the $80 warranty if I can replace a $10 chip myself instead.

It’s like a $6 part, but you have to be proficient at surface-mount desoldering and soldering which is an art form and requires special equipment beyond a soldering iron.