Imperial Speeder board || 42" I dunno deck || Dual TB 6355/TB Esc's || 10s3p Mboard battery || DIY Aluminum enclosure

Hey! I wanted to wait until it was all finished before posting… and it’s SOOOO close! Just having battery issues.

I ordered my battery from MBoards and they forgot the charge port… I let them know and they said they’d send one out right away… 2 months ago… trying to get a hold of someone was frustrating me, so I tried making my own. Currently when I go to plug the charger into the port I made, it sparks… then no lights come on the charger… no green or red :frowning: … What AM i doing WRONG!?!






Did I somehow get the wiring wrong?.. should I try a different socket? Are the wires toooo small??? I’m not going to pretend like I know what I’m doing… if someone can shed some light on this I would appreciate it SOOOOOOOO MUCH!

Love you guys.


What charging port is that?

You may have your negative/positive backwards on your charge port. I think the top terminal with the rivet in it is positive. Bottom terminal is negative.

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dc2 (not my picture)





If you compare both the images of the charging port, the the negative and positive are reversed. Switch between the wires and check with voltmeter the plug itself before connecting it to the charger.

Charging wires do not need to be thick awg. The polarity must be RIGHT or you will screw Up. Don’t worry about the size but double check the polarity before you plug anything


Awesome! wouldn’t fit with my Imperial theme though :frowning:

Thanks guys! Did a quick reversal of the wires this morning and was able to ride it to work after a quick charge!..

Thank you sooooooo much!! … Now I have to figure out how to reduce the speed… it’s waaaay too powerful for me.

You guys rock!

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You can limit the acceleration by reducing the motor max amps. If you just want to limit top end can adjust the erpm max I believe but imagine the acceleration is the part throwing you off. The metr module and app let you set this on the fly with a swipe in the app.

Here’s the screenshot:


Believe I added ludicrous mode.

You can just set values in the vesc tool and test though as well.

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Thanks! I’ll check this out tonight :slight_smile:

Hey! This build looks really nice, and I love the theme. I have been trying to make my own board and considered using the same Mboards battery. Have you had any issues with it? Thanks!

Hey! I did have a slight issue with this battery… I think his battery builder crimped the wires on the connector instead of soldering, so it almost started a fire… was an easy fix to replace the xt60 with new xt90’s though and haven’t had issues since. If you do order this battery, just make sure they solder it! IMG_20180806_120621

Just use the search function :wink:

Darn, I saw the thread but did not look hard enough :neutral_face: But I got my answer! Thanks!