has 15% sale on LG cells

If anyone’s looking for LG cells (HG2), they’re on sale:

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They ship to the US? Also are they trusted. I have only bought from liion.

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Yes to both and they have 2 day shipping in the states

Wow I think this is now my new favorite place to get cells!

40 for 170 bucks that’s a steal

Exactly when I ordered 32 LG HG2 cells from liion it was 216 bux

Li ion while sale is good usually but this discount is great

Thanks for the heads up on this! I was about to order some samsung 30q froms Liion but i got some HG2’s at a much lower pice.

Same just got 40

looks good!! i will be getting some =)

Hey guys just though you you guys should know that 30Q cells are actually better than hg2s. I have seen conflicting answers but this pretty much confirms it.

I actually kind of annoyed cause I ordered some lg hg2s for a new pack yesterday from imrbatteries.

Better depends on use if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it the hg2s work fine so I’m gonna use em

True I just always thought hg2s were better but I guess not… :frowning:

yea the point wasn’t which cells are better, just pointing out the good deal is all.

it’s over today though so get in while u can.

tempted to horde them but…don’t have space or the motivation.

I did a side-by-side comparison of the LG HG2 and the 30Q using the West Mountain Radio CBT. At 7A discharge, the 30Q came out very slightly ahead: HG2: 2680mAh 30Q: 2754mAh

The results were similar at higher discharge (I don’t have those figures available). With only like a 3% difference, I’d call the two roughly equivalent.

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But if you have more batteries, the 30Q will win?

Like you have 48 LG HG2 and drive the 48 SAMSUNG 30Q will drive you a few kilometers longer?

Let’s do the math. At 3P with my batteries, you’ll get:

  • 3x2680mAh = 8040mAh on the HG2
  • 3x2754mAh = 8262mAh on the 30Q = 222mAh extra distance on the 30Q. Not too significant. Certainly not a kilometer.

At 300P with my batteries, you’ll get:

  • 300x2680mAh = 804000mAh on the HG2
  • 300x2754mAh = 826200mAh on the 30Q = 22200mAh extra distance on the 30Q. Quite significant. Many kilometers.

In either case, you still get a 3% relative performance improvement on the 30Q. As you add more batteries in parallel, that relative difference has a greater impact on distance.


Not so much that I thought :3

The LG has 20A discharge and 30Q Has 15A, People say the more discharge you have the less voltage sag you have.

You should add two more batteries btw. It saves you two bucks and you get two spares for free ^^

Good idea, but I live in norway, they do not ship here :frowning: