In need of free/very cheap hub motor

Hello everyone, I would like to start out by saying I know this is a stretch, but I need one hub motor for my build. I have already spent a little over $900 when I was only supposed to spend $400. I’ve had almost everything break on me, Belts, mounts, bolts, battery’s, connections, remotes and am now way over my budget and can not spend anymore than $50. So please, if anyone has a hub sitting somewhere collecting dust or wants a tester or an honest review I’m your guy.


@Hummie wink wink nudge nudge. But seriously if you are working on a prototype and need some testing or just have an extra laying around and want to help a fellow esk8er out pm me :slight_smile:

Hey man, I don’t know if this is quite quickly What you are looking for but I have to a hub motor for ya . Free of charge just pay for a shipping label and I’ll send it to ya.


hummie is broke, he is teacher that works a few months a year.

Do you need think what ? He is going to cover you in gold because you failed at making a skateboard ?

are you stupid ?

@GrecoMan Are you seriously begging for handouts after not even being here two weeks?? That is certainly not how this works. The only way you will ever get to beta test prototype items is by building a reputation with the members here, this is a horrible start.

How much is shipping

I have just the one hub. It’s from a shenzen special lol. I already offered it to this fella. If he passes it up then it is yours

I’m sorry guys, that was not how it was meant to come across, I’m sorry if it came across that way but it was meant to be more of a quick post just asking if anyone had a spare hub motor that they were willing to part ways with. My impatience got the best of me and I shouldn’t have said anything about hummie, I’m sorry. If you all would forgive me I would appreciate it greatly. @flywithgriff @longjohn

No worries man, we are all here to learn. What is your current setup?

I have a couple motors that were shorted because the connections between the magnet wire and motor leads broke and I’m rewinding them. I’ll be rewinding 4 in total and that’s enough for me so I will have 4 more that I don’t want to do and you can have those for dollars. it takes a bit of work getting the old wire off and then you’ll need to get some 24awg high temp wire for maybe 25$ to put back on, glue it down a bit and add the motor leads. I’ll sell you these 4 motors for 230$ or 120$ for each set of 2.

no offense taken by me for sure

I’m currently running a pretty much broken propdrive 270kv with 83mm flywheel clones, a torque VESC and a torque 6s2P battery, it is out of service currently due to the motor shaft rotating with wobble and wearing the belts very quickly

can you pm me? I have a couple questions. Thanks for the forgivness :slight_smile:

I have personally run three of these and they are great for 6s. they are pretty cheap for a quality motor.

or just call me since it could be a lot of going back and forth and I’m going to be leaving my house to go hunt my dremel down 610 416 2650 if I don’t pick up its because my new phone sucks but leave a text w your number and I’ll call you when I’m outside

@flywithgriff hmmm maybe ill invest in those somewhere down the road, but I am only 13 and make $40 a week from mowing lawns to support my esk8 habits :joy:

Im 3 yrs older and thats more than i make😂

Looks like he doesnt want it lol

I told him It was his until he said otherwise.I was asked to hold on to it while he checked a couple of options. Once I know if he can or can’t use it i can let ya know for sure.

Thanks mate :grinning:

You’re very welcome