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In search of a replacement set screws

@onloop Can you let me know the set screw sizes and types for your motor mount kits because I’ve lost every one including the set screw for the motor pulley? That’s what I get for not putting on thread lock.

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Check those out :slight_smile:

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@longhairedboy would these work as well because the ones you posted are from China I think.

Amazon is freakin amazing.

HAHA! this happens to everyone the first time they ride their self built electric skateboard!.. literally my motor was dragging on the ground because all the motors screws feel out of my first rig…

pulleys are M4 x 5mm socket set screw
motors are M4 x 10mm button head screw

thank God i live in singapore . most items are readily available .

couldnt imagine some of us living in northern hemisphere where they have to deal with winter season . saw a grounded skater in canada limited to eboarding in his basement due to heavy snow .

and russia ! oh my . i get messages from russia asking me questions and advice where to get spares and what not .
could only give advice . hope theyre fine .