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Hey guys, I’m looking for a used electric skateboard you’re willing to sell. I would like to source a board located in the UNITED STATES. I live in lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Local is always best. I’m not looking for anything in particular just a completed board that works without problems. I don’t really want to spend over $1,000 so anything less than $1000. But ideally I’d like to spend around 500. Thanks everyone.

Damn, you should’ve been around @barajabali was selling his board a little while ago since him and I are from Chicago.

True… I sold that thing super cheap

I can build you a complete for that price range and drive it over there since I’m always in lake Geneva I go like twice a summer

@barajabali Yeah I was kind of pissed. I looked through all the old board posts and somone said "where are you located " then someone said I think land of Lincoln and I was like darn. Yeah I wish I could have gotten my hands on your board. I was just a little too late. I’m just hoping something else like that will appear. Hey thanks for that offer man! Hah I could just wait till you got tired of one of your old boards.

Haha I’m down to my favorite 3 boards I prob won’t sel those but the offer is still on the table. Custom built to what you want. Dual/single. Range/ top speed. Id recommend a single drive with a 6374 motor at 10s 4p or so. That’ll give you like 24 mph ish with a 20 mile range at least. And wouldn’t really break your bank.

Pm me if you’re interested in a estimate

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Maybe I’ll just attempt to build a board myself if there’s no one out there trying to sell there’s.

@Matt_54 Dude, I’d take @barajabali up on his offer if I were in your position and location. Your budget would allow him to build a sweet board for you (and deliver it too??), and you would have a great platform if you wanted to DIY/ tweak something yourself. Plus the money/time you could save by not buying wrong/out of stock parts, or potentially breaking something in the building/testing process. And the most important part, SUPPORT! I haven’t met him personally, but through the forums, and buying parts from him, I’m pretty sure he would take care of you or at least he’ll help you find a reasonable solution, should something go wrong, or just be there to bounce questions off of. And being that close to you, he might actually be physically able to help you in person without having to box, mail, pay, ship, wait, repeat for something that might be a minor issue to fix. These last points alone are priceless, in my opinion. Not to knock on Evolve, but one member on here that just got their flagship model (and paid 2-4x your budget), is already having to send it back cause an issue popped up. Sounds like they’ll cover the repair under warranty, but poor guy is out of a board for who knows how long while they fix it. There’s no option to text your bro/builder to drive it over to his house to check it out or anything like that. But the reality is that these things happen, and @barajabali could be a great, local resource for you. Just my 2 cents. Good luck whichever path you choose. :thumbsup:


Thank you for the recommendation!

Yea of course you’ll get a bunch of support and you save on shipping with is a lot on completes like 40 bucks with the battery. Building a quality RELIABLE board on your first try is really hard unless you do a whole lot of resource. Key word is reliable.

Hey that’s ME! Lol

If you have a choice between near and far…take the near lol

@barajabali is a good bloke … Takes pride in his stuff

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Of course!

@Matt_54 One other important thing too, is that you could get a sweet custom battery/charging setup, since @barajabali is kind of a mad battery scientist. Imo, the battery, enclosure, and charging solution are the most complicated aspects to a build. Everything else basically, plugs, bolts, or sticks together in a mostly set way.

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@Matt_54 one thing I can say for sure in your price range is, the board @barajabali will build you will outperform anything else on the market in that price range. For around a $1000 you get things like the boosted single and Yuneec ego… 18 mph and 12 mph Max speeds, ranges of 7 mile and 18 mile. I am sure barajabali’s can do better than 12 mph Max speed lol.

@barajabali you think you could convert my downhill board to an electric board? I’m not that far from Chicago… Well 3.5 hrs but still. I thought about doing it myself but the problem is it is a drop down drop though. I can manage building a normal board, but the landyachtz switchblade I have is extremely low to the ground… So I was having trouble figuring out where to put all the electronics and batteries. Here is the exact board.

I was thinking hubs would work best, 10s4p pack… (Maybe an enertion cell, I might be able to send you one). VESCs from Chaka. Even with big risers, not sure how it will work out. If you think it’s possible let me know. Ever since I’ve discovered esk8 I just don’t want to kick push anymore ha.

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Yea for sure I’ve built a bunch of drop through boards it’s a bit more challenging and things need to be a whole lot more slim but it’s totally possible. Do you have trucks on it?

Pm me

It’s not just drop through, it’s drop down AND drop through…so the lowest it can get basically. I’ll PM you.

Bump bump.