Inboard M1 Connection Issue

Hello, I got a new inboard M1 this summer and have been using it on weekends. It was working perfectly noting however that the range with one battery is quite short. Since a couple of days ago, I now have the remote that disconnects quite often while i am riding the board. To recover I then need to remove the battery from the board and plug it back in. The remote is fully charged. I am thinking that it is coming from the board that for some reason shuts down. Has anybody had or heard of a similar issue?

Hi! I have the same issue i think. If we are experiencing the same thing (The bord stops and the top Led on the controller blinks) i have heard that it might be the battery in the bord. I am not sure if this is the case, but thats what i heard. I am thinking about trying to use my phone as a controller for a test drive and see if that fixes the problem

What do you mean by battery in the board? The removeable battery or some other battery?