Inboard M1 deck

Good morning/evening ladies and gents,

I think I’m going to buy an Inboard M1 and make it truly portable. By this I mean a want to make/have my own deck made so I am allowed to take it into the plane cabin. Basically I just want a travel board.

Would anyone be interested in an empty Inboard M1 deck?

Hey that’s sounds interesting! I’m in! Edit: I believe if you talking about plane cabin, you don’t mind where we are located! I’m in AMS btw.

I’d be interested, just depends on the price

hahaha nice)

I’m in Europe (Switzerland), forgot to mention that! What is AMS?

I was thinking $200 after PP fees and shipping.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I guess I’m going to have to order it tonight!!!

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Received the board, put a few miles on it, has a really nice feel to it!

Time to take it apart!

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What’s the size of the compartment inside the deck?

The ESC part is about 12cm x 13cm

Have you been refused to take this on a plane then?

The inboard is too long to take on a plane. You can take it as a checked bag but thats expensive.

After meausring all the components, I could have decreased the length by 30cm which is what i wanted, but then I realized there is a resistor at the bottom of the deck and I didnt know how to take it off without damaging it so I sold the board and I am working on portable DIY project.

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Thanks for the quick update really appreciate that; the spec on the site state its 95.25cm surely that would be a problem? have you tried Ive just brought an M1 specifically for travel :open_mouth: and was going to carry on - fook it I still might :wink:


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I spend so much time on this forum - sad life :rofl:, but I love it!

It’s about 96cm so yeah, that sounds right and you are limited to 60cm on most airlines. In August, I flew from SanFrancisco to Zurich with just a longboard which was 100cm long but only 2 cm in depth and it just went on top of all the bags in the cabin so no one cared. With a complete, you can’t do that but maybe, you’ll be lucky cause it seems like most of the time, not many care but there is always that 1 person that spoils the whole thing.

Good luck!

Ohh, to answer your question, I never tried because I never knew what to do with it if i wouldnt be allowed to carry it on.


Thank you!

I’ll let you know when I get back from Dubai :wink: and see what happens, I’m lost without my R2 now work has me over seas for a month and I need something to play with.

Have a great day. #watchthisspace

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Does anyone here have CAD files of the inboard m1 battery for me to 3D print? Thinking about building some 12S1P 30Q batteries for a handful of associates.

Hi can you tell me more about the resistor? I was planning on changing the deck on my M1. Thanks mate

It’s at the bottom of the deck, and it has a layer of fiberglass over it. I’m not sure how you can get it out unless you cut the nose and rip the fiberglass off.

Watch this video, it’ll give you a better idea:

Hi! Thanks for the video! I still don’t see it tho :slight_smile:

Can’t you cut the cables and get another resistor?

Thanks mate

It’s at 5.45 in the video. You can see how he takes off the fiberglass and the resistor is that brown thing in the middle.

I’m not sure if you can swap it for another one. I guess you could but I’m not a specialist so decided to not mess around with it!

Good luck!

Watch this, at 4:54 he shows and talks about the resistor