Inboard Posting on Craigslist / Sharktank

Am I wrong, does that run on only 10 cells? It sure looks like it on the site. The specs state 97 watt hours and Li-ion for the battery and 1600 watts at the motors. Does anyone else see an impossibility in putting out 1600 watts with so few cells? And the range at 7-10 miles is the typical bull but not nearly as redicilous as that small battery and that output. I imagine they will pass this info off to The shark tank people as well. 1600\ 36volts= roughly 45 amps. What cells will they be damaging into early death after extreme voltage sag with that insane draw per cell? Maybe if they were at least Li-iron or something safer…its to the point of being unsafe. No Li-ion battery that small is recommended to discharge that much safely. It’s straight up dangerous. Am I wrong?

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Here’s the video from Shark Tank


They don’t even KNOW how much this industry is going to boom in the next 2-3 years. :joy:

Sounds like a shit deal they got… guess they needed the capital?

65% margin on a $1399 board means they make it for about $490… Let that sink in

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And they didn’t cover voltage sag, how misinforming



They have to make money. When you buy in wholesale things a lot get cheaper.

My speculated educated guess.

ESC and BMS $150 Wheels $20 Trucks $20 Board $80 Battery $100 Motors $80 Controller $20 Miscellaneous $20

Don’t they only have 12 cells?

Good point. I’m guessing they pay around $3-$4 per cell. Yeah well, you can easily guess that the board or electronics cost more than I estimated.

Who knows. I have a feeling that Boosted has a higher percentage.