Independent Suspension Hub Motor Mountainboard/Trail Board

As a quick foreword, I know this isn’t an especially practical build. It’s huge, heavy, and probably more expensive than it had to be. But I had some funding from my school and it seemed like a fun between semesters build. That said, on with the build!

Pretty standard suspension design. Dual 800-watt hub motors.

The spring return is somewhat different. I used stacked rubber disks somewhat like Trampa barrels. Of course, punching disks out of extra innertubes was far cheaper.

Built my own fiberglass battery box. I’m running a 10s 7p battery made from salvaged cells. Dual 4.12 VESCs

Couple more pictures:

It seems to run well. I don’t actually know how to skateboard, but it handles the unpaved coastal trails pretty well. Feels nice and smooth between the 10in pneumatic tires and suspension. This is my first build and my first skateboard. It was a bit of an experiment, but I’m happy. When I have access to mills and waterjets again I may rebuild in aluminum for weight saving. Right now everything but the deck and the battery box is steel. The steel is heavy but cheap and strong. The deck is 1/4in aluminum but I think I’d go with composite if I had the facilities for molding.

I call it The BOAT


That’s fucking legit. I don’t care what the fuck the other assholes say, you are instant legend. Well played woman. I want it.

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Its like a baja board but more appealing! :+1:t3:

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And, more importantly, I could afford it!

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That is a viable product. It fits on ANY board. Does not need to be a whole concept, just bolt on to existing deck.


Sweet build! I’d love to try to make something like it. Could you please share the plans?

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There’s definitely a bit of winging it involved here, but I’ve got CAD at least. What would you like to see in the way of plans?

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Upload it to :pleading_face:


Hello. Bit late but did you ever manage to make any plans for this design?