Industrial nylon tough enough for esk8?

Hey esk8 family. I know I ask a million questions, but I’m trying out an industrial nylon filament and wondering what eskate parts it would be useful for. It’s just a sample but it’s said to be very strong so maybe I’d get a spool in the future depending on its usefulness.

Yours truly, The inquisitive one

for what… 3D printing? if so, it may make a decent wheel pulley. Could definitely make some bumpers, or special risers for wire management. head light holders… belt covers… wire managment devices inside the box… a sectional enclosure…


youre all about printing these days. i was looking at the nylon and think if you get it filled with carbon it will have greater stiffness which might be needed for pulleys but maybe good already. its strong but I dont think very stiff and will not break but bend

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… a stash box… a go pro mount… a bobble head for the nose of the board… bluetooth speaker box… skittles compartment… a relief of my face for the top of your deck… a wall hanger for the whole board…


ive got a spool of high heat resistant pla if anyone is interested from protopasta. my machine seems to work best with only abs.

but if you want to make really strong parts make a silicone mold from the print and cast carbon or fiberglass and resin. I’ve made mounts like that where you stick the hanger into the silicone mold and pour it. you could make anything strong with a mold and a filled resin.

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a muzzle for @psychotiller’s mom… donald trump shaped targets for carving practice… 18650 cell holder sleds… a cone roller… a statue of devin townsend… cocaine straws… name tags for esk8 events… trophies for silly contests… cool looking esk8 hair clips…


I finally got the nylon to actually print today. I wasted a bunch of it, and gave it about a week break. Tried today and it’s printing fabulous lol. And since I’m not going the cnc Pulley way, I figured I’d try in nylon. I’m accident prone so I didn’t want to make it my solution.

Lol. I need to make the bobble head. But that could probably be done with cheaper filament.

@longhairedboy is crazy lol. But I guess I wasted money on the go pro mounts I recently bought. They’re for my phone which has a go pro mount thingy combo

18650 cell holders is a nice one.

but making a silicone mold for a pulley out of a nicely polished print could be a great longterm solution and you could maybe even make a simple one-part mold.

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Probably wouldn’t work as a motor mount though right?

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not the nylon. but if you design and print it and make a mold from the print for sure will work. I did it with no screws and with the hanger put into the silicone mold and then pour and pop out the hanger with the mount on it. really liked it. not very adjustable but solid and looks really cool with a translucent resin and swirls of carbon and gold kevlar

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or I shouldnt say it definitely wont work and maybe it would. have to be stout though

Nylon should be fine. Just make sure you use enough perimeters to ensure a strong part.

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I’m thinking I might wind up needing to since my trucks that I cut to fit my big wheels are slimmer then the calibers. Or maybe some sort of insert.

And yes, I share my bed with my esk8 stuff.

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Why hasn’t anyone else already made this stuff??!!

Check out this one for a 3d printed motor mount.

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What can i say? i’m a fucking genius and the world just can’t catch up.