Infinity vs Vertigo trucks

Hollow axles are good for torsional loads, and they are a lot better than solid ones but only for torsional loads Solid shafts are better for loads on perpendicular to the axle The weight reduction is not so worth it considering its prone to bending, 150g per truck isnt much considering that one vertigo is the same weight as a pair of calibers main-qimg-5347cfb1957f63417a9c21406a9445df-c

That explains some of the discomfort.

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So TLDR, Vertigos to save on weight, and Infinity for strength :laughing:

Tldr infinitys every time 150g is worth 100£ Unless you like bent trucks, not saying they are weak or anything but, better to have more safe zone :smiley:

Infinity trucks were 75 pounds when i saw it on the site the other time :open_mouth:

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