Info for all european buyers! (Alien Electronics)

I would like to inform everybody about an issue I have with the mountingkit from Alienpowersystems. I would like to point out that the mount is really good and that I really like the concept of it. However there is an issue with a specific combination. I have 180mm Paris V2 trucks and ordered the mountingkit with a 15mm belt and the corresponding wheel pulley. The issue with this combination is… With the wider wheel pulley then the usual 9mm, everything obviously moves a little bit further to the middle of the truck. With the paris trucks there is not a lot of even space before the truck turns “concave” and then the adaption ring from alien can obviously not fit anymore because the surface is not circular anymore. So basically there is not enough space for the wider pulley and the mount itself. I tried adapting the ring to the concave surface and was quite successful actually. At the beginning the mount would still move to the even surface as soon as you tightend up the screws and then scratch the pulley. After a while with little copper plates and hot glue I got it to stay in place with all screws tightend up, but as soon as you start riding and the vibrations enter the game, it got loose again and it started scratching the pulley again. I have already emailed Bruno from Alienpowersystems about this issue and I will let you guys know once it has been taken care of!

Hey Geddi, i had the same problem even with 9mm belt and also after massive filing the paris hanger. This mount doesn’t work with paris at all. Even after heavy tightening the screws the mount moves and destroyed a motor by hitting the ground too often.

I love paris trucks that’s why i wanted a mount for it but now i know why nobody except alien sells this.

The only way i think is to weld it or glue with epoxy. But i didn’t because when you change the wheels maybe the mount needs a different position…

I don’t use it anymore, also the inner waterjet ring is broken… Maybe someone has a solution, looking forward…

What trucks do you use now? I am thinking on switching to caliber. I mean I have to switch and caliber 184mm seem to work better for mounting. More space I think. I still need to measure it in a shop though.

I switched to trampa street/urban carver. But if i build a longboard again i would try to epoxy glue the mount first before i buy new trucks.

But i think the best solution for you is switching to caliber trucks because of the perfect shape for motor mounts but a lot of caliber mounts have a fixed angle which i don’t like.

You could buy a aluminium ring for caliber trucks for your alien mount, cheap solution. If you do that i would use a grubscrew on the back of the mount. Otherwise it will move and your motor can hit the ground even on caliber trucks with the alien mount.

That happened to me with paris trucks, a grubscrew makes no sense but for caliber it should work.

This sounds more like an issue with Paris trucks than with APS mounts. Why not use Caliber trucks? What is so special about Paris trucks? Neither of theses trucks are designed with Esk8 in mind but the Calibers are the most adaptable and with upgraded pivot cups and bushings they handle really well and are very stable.

I’ve got 3 boards using Paris trucks. On two of my boards I’m using TB’s V2 mounts which are very similar to the APS mount. On my third board I’m using the APS mount and all 3 boards have zero issues with mount movement. The key is to file the tapered portion of the hanger round. Find a washer with the same ID as the round portion of the hanger. Use this as a guide when filing down the tapered portion.

Yeah happend to me yesterday while trying out my board with my “fixed” adaption ring and mount. But yeah it got loose and the motor touched the ground. But I dont think that on caliber trucks with the ring from alien it would move. Because caliber trucks have edges and you should be able to mount them without any trouble. What I thought about with paris trucks yesterday was. You could drill a little hole through the adaption ring and into the trucks. And then but a little bolt in there. Might work as well. But I don’t think that there be an issue with caliber trucks. And btw, I tried fixing it with a couple of different extremly powerful glues. No chance. I figured that it is insanly important that you mount sits on your truck perfectly, because no matter what it is not allowed to move in any direction not even a little bit and that is really hard to achieve with paris trucks.

What have the bushings to do with beeing able to put the mount on the truck properly? And do you have any experience with those trucks?

They carve like in heaven on cloud9. But to be honest i have never tried caliber, i have 4 paris trucks. But no doubt caliber are best for mounts.

This is what i did, the mount still moves. You have 9mm belts, right? With 15mm belts you have to file the truck away :joy:

The ring won’t but the mount could.

That’s what i wanted to do before the ring broke. On the paris truck i would file a flat spot. On caliber is no hole in the ring neccessary. I read some people solved the movement by putting shrink tube on the hanger.

I also had problems because when i tightened the screws the angle of the mount moved (see below)

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We were talking about Paris and Caliber trucks. I don’t recall mentioning surf rodz. Bushings have nothing to do with the ability to put a mount on the hanger, what I was saying is that Calibers are more adaptable than Paris for motor mounts and that with proper bushings and pivot cups, they carve very well and are stable.

Alright. I was just wondering if you had experience with surf rodz (offtopic):

I have not had any experience with Surf Rodz but judging from the pics they look really solid.