Input for an off road deck

Hey esk8 community, Was up. How’s the end of spring treating all of you around the globe. I’ve been getting use out of my pool for sure. Here is the deal, I have been working real hard on a really special mountain board integrated deck. I need to know your personal preference for off roading. What would you like to see in an rugged off road integrated deck, shape, size, weight, flex, material, etc… Thank you and I appreciate your feed back. I really want something to fit the Everyman and women… Ride safe esk8!


Perhaps there’s an interest on the forum for a deck similar to Kaly’s where you feel locked in even without foot bindings. Not wanting to face plant is my main reason for not getting an off-road board.

So not being binded but yet the feel of being secured.

E: woops I read that wrong.

Does anyone use bindings with the Kaly deck though? How much better or worse is it? Im still debating if I want bindings on mine or not

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Kaly uses a flexible deck rt but not integrated. Im going for integration with the feel of flex. Robust and not slim, yet lots of clearance.

What does an integrated mtb look like? How does it flex?

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is this what you mean?

I can’t disclose that precious information yet but once the final proto is finished this community will be the first to test and help finalize before the Kickstarter hits. I have almost completed the first phase of the platform. I really would like to know what material would be best for durability. Has anyone tried a gnarly board yet how does the metel board hold up

I would say off road without bindings is not possible because you would fly off the board all the time (guess why I know). For all terrain it is ok.

I like the idea of an integrated deck if it is really bulletproof and made of fibre glass or combined with wood. This is the scratched abused bottom of my MTB just for reference

Good luck!


Agreed with above. I would never ride an off road deck that didn’t have bindings. Great to see this project coming along!


Ok I have a few ideas… Bmx clipless anyone? Ideas?

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metal plates in shoes, and electromagnets on the board controlled by a dead-man switch on the remote lol


Instead what about a quick release with a dead man switch so the power is less costly than keeping the magnets on. You can use power to release the switch instead. IDK thoughts?