INSANE BLOWOUT PRICES on Pulley Kits (15mm wide, 36T wheel, 15T motor + belts)

Hi Guys,

Many of you know I’ve been selling pulley kits on here for a while. I’ve been out of the esk8 game for a bit since having a kid, and I’ve finally got to gathering up the last of my inventory from the garage. I need to makes space for other stuff, so I’m going to clear this out at ridiculous prices if you buy multiple kits. Offer good while supplies last!

1 Kit = $30

2 Kits = $50

4 Kits = $70

8 kits = $110

10 kits = $120

Prices includes shipping in US and Canada.

You can checkout my old thread here for more info:


I’m interested in 2 kits. Do these work with caliber 2 trucks without modification ?

Pm sent. Yes. It should generally work on caliber 2 without modifications but does depend on the width of your motor mounts.

Who needs kits?! Great one time deal!

Time to get ready for you winter builds guys!

I’m a three-summer Boosted rider based out of Kitchener just looking up parts to do a DIY, and this looks like it would be a great fit for my build. Do you have a listing or are you just taking paypal/EMT directly?

Just doing PayPal right now. I’ll send you a PM

Ahhh still on the fence here. One nice thing I’m noticing about your wheel pulley is that it just hangs off the wheel with enough clearance to continue using the wheel’s own board-side bearing. This is in contrast to ones like Metroboard where a separate bearing means you need a truck with an axle longer than the usual ~3cm. I already have some nice Paris trucks that I’d like to use, so that is pushing me in this direction.

Keep the order coming guys! Still have some left.

Bump get yourself a nice X-mas gift!

I need 2 15 tooth motor pulleys, with the 8mm shaft bore. Also do you have 72 tooth wheel pulleys, to fit the same? Basically, I am looking for a drive setup for my electric mountain board. Good luck with the new family. Thanks.

still have any left ill take 2

Yep, still have a few. Sending PM.

any left? I just need the wheel pulley and washer but ill buy 2 sets

Sending PM. Yes still have some.

thx for the response sorry been sick … but I just go my pulley fixed might not need any anymore but if i do ill hit you up

need pulley kit and motor mounts for trampa pro belt to put dummies on it Help[ [email protected] or 4148819687

Message sent.

Bump getting rid of the last of these.