Integrated tiger deck with hubs+2xFOCBox+10S5P


I made a new board. This time i gave focus more on practicality, aesthetics and range.

It has two FOCBoxes, 10S5P of INR-18650-35E cells, FET-antisparkswitch, and LEDs on front and back. And chinese 90mm hubs, 70KV 550W per hub.

Now on very hot days, about 8C, i have measured and estimated that the range will be about 30km. More on summer i presume.

The board is as thin as i could make it from veneers, 28mm. I slimmed it from the edges, so it looks thinner. It weights 9,7kg

For those who understand finnish, i made the same article on local hackerspace:

Here’s the completed board.:

First i pressed the board into shape and made the holes for electronics. And sinking bolts (hammering bolts?) for the lid.

Glued the top. Then i made the tracks for all the wires.

FOCBoxes are in place.

Balance charge connector.

Motor connector with hall-sensors. (These winter-patterns on wheels have been stripped off already. Going to make TPU tires someday)

Gluing the bottom for the lid.


The LEDs

960A for spot welding. Makes good welds.

Batteries installed

The tiger is in place. Printed on waterslide decal paper.

Also the pattern for the top side.

I used polyester resin for the bottom side.

Close view of the LED-switch and charging connector.

Close view of power switch.


And so far i have been riding about 30km. Problems has been so far that one lid bolt got off during ride, because it was loosely tightened. Other one is that the light switch got broken with sparks. Luckily easy to fix.


Ducking awesome man! Does the deck have horizontal concave?

Good idea with the iCharger 1010B+ to balance charge. BMS take up lots of space.

Very cool build. That deck is so thin considering the stuff contained within :+1::+1:

Damn that is alot of effort and time, good job!

Yea it has horizontal concave. Just like any other board. It doesn’t affect the space for the electronics if you are wondering.

Actually, i don’t have any good BMS around. But yea, true, it takes a space of maybe 5 cells. But still i’ll try to apply a BMS for next build.

That’s one of the stealthiest boards I’ve seen in a long time. One of the few good uses for hub motors. I love it

Hot damn that’s beautiful!

What kind of hub motors are those?

Oh, i forgot to tell. 90mm 70KV 550W per hub. What you see on the close up-picture of the wheels, are different set than on rest of the pictures. Both are working good. Here’s what i have ordered: Seems that the same set is on on sale everywhere. The previous was from eBay, and the latest from Aliexpress.

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I’ve got to know but how do you get the lid off if you coated the bottom in resin? Or did you do the kid separately?

I love the picture of the tiger on the bottom it looks sick, great job

That’s really nice work, real next level skills man

I coated it, then used carpet-blade to cut it off. Afterwards it would have been better if i coated them separately. Oh well, you always try and learn new ways.

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The lid didn’t have enough bolts, so it warped a little causing it to be non-watertight. I added 4 more bolts.

I’m going to cover those holes with veneer.

Doesn’t look pretty anymore, but now it’s better. I just need to get more matching washers and paint them.

how much did it cost to make the battery pack?

3,6€/cell. Total 180€

where did you get your balance charge port

I have been looking for them but I cannot find any

Here you go. Those blue connectors you see there. I used 19pin, but if you have 10S pack, i recommend 12pin connector, since it isn’t that tight connection compared to 19pin, and it’s little smaller.

thanks this should make my board as light as possible

I added a very small BMS in the board. I mentioned ghis BMS before: It has been working good already like 30 charges. When i drain the battery to very low, and when charging, the module warms a bit while it balances. Every now and then i have checked that it is really in balance, and it has been. IMG_20180708_131627 Charging is now easier. IMG_20180708_134551