Interest for 12mm 15T 44T pulley kit


I believe most used pulley combination is 36T with 16T.

Getting a 100mm wheels (like MBS) whilst keeping the 16T motor pulley with 40T wheel pulley (probably the next one most used) would lower the torque significantly.

So I was thinking, having a 15T motor pulley on the motor and 36T pulley for normal wheels and 44T pulley for bigger wheels would keep the same top speed and torque allowing you to very easily swap the normal FlyWheels and AT wheels. Take off 4 wheel screws, put the AT wheels and a longer belt, screw the wheels back, boom you’re done :slight_smile:

I just need to see if there is any interest in the kit from the topic name so we could perhaps do a group buy because the supplier has MOQ requirements.


Good plan, but see if you can provide belts as well since it’s 12mm. vBeltsupply, beltingonline only carries belt in 9 & 15mm so 12mm belts are hard to find.

Yeah I don’t think it would be any problem having a supplier provide 15mm pulley kit. Might be even better for the purpose.

But judging from the interest or lack of thereof, not going to happen :slight_smile: Oh well, I’ll be on the lookout for the 15T / 44T pulleys just for myself then.