Interest for Ollin motor mount OM5065-200

Got the Clamps today and they fit like a charm. Drilled and tapped some holes and put everything together.

The space was a bit tight so I replaced the SHCS attaching the mount arm to the clamp with a low head SHCS. I also added stainless washers for motor and clamp screws.

I am ready to make a larger order now that everything works.

8 Chaka motor mounts and 7 30mm mounts are spoken for, if anyone else wants to put their order in now I am selling them for 45.00 with free US shipping. I am ordering about 10 or so extra so if you want to wait till they get in you can but first come first served for what is in stock. I Have some on order and will be ordering more tomorrow. Just let me know if you want 30mm hole spacing or Ollin 38mm hole spacing.

Doesn’t chaka have his own motor mounts now? If he isn’t selling them now, he will be soon I think.

I ordered some belts from for this project and accidentally ordered 15mm wide for my 12mm system.

The AWESOME people at sent me 4 new 12mm belts and only charged me shipping. So, I am giving away the 4 15mm belts they let me keep - you just pay shipping. I would like t give them to 4 different people but will give them to 2 people with dual configs. PM me if you are interested.

photorph I dont see the mounts for his motors on his site. It looks like @michaeld33 is selling similar motors with the same hole pattern. So if anyone is interested just specify the motor hole pattern 30mm (generic 50mm motor) or Ollin, bitblock (38mm motor hole pattern). I have about 10 extra on order, they should be here this week and I will ship them out early next week.

Let me know when to send you payment

Yep same pattern. but out of stock right now. Will update when back in stock.

I will let everyone that has said they are interested in them know when they are available and when they can pay for them and how many extra are left if any - thanks for your support.

UPDATE Just spoke with the company that cut the mounts out and they are just sending them to me today so I wont get them till Wednesday. This means I can send them out on Monday the 19th or before. I do have 3 mounts I can send out this Monday the 12th. @themegak and @Michaelinvegas get first choice since they showed interest first. If you both are doing duals, one of you is going to have to wait.

I’m still down I just need a single

Pm me when I should pay you

I’ll have to pass but i do love your mount. Just can’t justify it right now. Thanks for reaching out, appreciate it.

I’d take 2 clamps and 2 Ollin mounts, no rush

@Michaelinvegas and @Bender My paypal is [email protected]. PM me with your address and I will send Michaelinvegas 1 mount and Bender 2 mounts on Monday

$45 correct?

Sent and address on Notes on PayPal

Yes, received the payment, Ill send tracking when its sent. Thank you.

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Sent you the PayPal with address in notes too

Perfect, received and mailed out your mounts.


Beautiful mount man

Any thing special I should know before I use them?

Depending on the caliber trucks you have clone or branded - the branded trucks have a bit of a taper. The clamps are cut by a water jet which has a bit of a taper as well so when you slide the clamp on the truck , one way will fit a bit more snug than the other. Take the arm off and slide the clamp on the truck you will see what I am talking about - I just put them on for shipping and so you would know what screws went where. depending on what side you put the mount on will determine where the arm will fit. Just line up the round slots with the holes on the clamp in whatever position (close to your deck or tail side) you feel is the best for you. Im sure you already know to put loctite on after you fit everything - pretty straight forward. Use the screws on the top and side for fine adjustment to keep is straight and to keep it from moving when it is where you want it. Maybe I will make some instructions before I send them out. Let me know if you have any questions.