Interest for Ollin motor mount OM5065-200

I purchased a couple motors from Ollin and found that my mount didn’t fit. I finally got around to making one that fits these motors and wanted to see if anyone else is interested in them before I start making and selling them. I have a prototype now and a few more clamp parts due here next week - had to refine them a bit. Here is the plan if there is interest.

Clamp for Calliber trucks - 25.00 Motor mount for Ollin (38mm hole pattern) motor - 25.00 Motor mount with 30mm hole pattern - 25.00

If you bought ONE clamp and ONE motor mount together - 47.00 + free USA shipping

The mount will be raw 6061 aluminum (I’ll knock the edges off so they are not sharp) and comes with hardware for the mount and motor. It is fully adjustable- I am using 36/16 gearing with 255 belt and the mount still has room so could probably do 265 depending on gearing.

If I get 20 or so people wanting them I can have them done in two weeks or sooner if I get a good sample of the clamp in next week.


I don’t have Ollin’s motors, but I just want to say, that’s a really nice mount!

Thanks - it kind of looks like Psychotiller and Torquboards mounts had a baby. great functionality

if you got this anodized I’d definitely be interested!

My goal was to make it as least expensive as possible and modular so you dont have to buy another complete mount if you change out motors. You just have to by the Ollin hole pattern or the 30mm hole pattern. If I add anodizing or powder coat it would bring the cost and lead time up. However, I am open to anything.

How thick is the motor section and how long is the ollin motor shaft ?

The motor section is .25" and the motor shaft is about an inch (1.03" per my calipers)

Yes! I’ve chopped up @psychotiller OG mount so bad it’s almost unrecognizable. I’ll buy one now if you’re willing…?

Should also mention I’m mounting it in reverse on a drop through deck.

Adam0311 - I am still waiting on the revised version of the clamping mechanism, it will be here next week. I can set it up tonight or tomorrow and see if it will work in reverse - may have to use a 265 belt and may be tight. Ill take pics and you can decide.

Let me know please

Let me know too. Also will the mount work for any other motor sizes and makes ?

Adam0311 - it didnt take as long as I thought to turn it around. it is very tight with a 255 belt and you will only have about 1/8 to 3/16" of space between the motor and the mount. Not sure how far your deck drops down but you can see from the picture. I dont have a 265 belt to test.

There is one that has a 30mm hole pattern which will fit many motors (check your motors hole pattern) and one that has a 38mm hole pattern which fits Ollin 5065 motor.

Just to clarify - the motor mount assembly is made up of two pieces- the truck clamp and the motor arm.

There are 2 different motor arms you will need to specify which arm when you order.

The truck clamp is universal and will work for both arms.

Yeah, I think this is good to go. I’m in. Do you need to wait for revised clamping mechanism?

Adam0311 - Yes, I should have the updated clamp by Thursday to test and if there was enough interest I would make a bunch of them. However I do understand wanting to get rolling as soon as possible Do you have the Ollin motor or do you need the 30mm hole pattern.

I have 1 other sample but the clamp needs to be filed down to fit the caliber trucks correctly. If you dont mind filing it down about 1/16" on the bottom and 1/32" on the sides I can sell it to you for 30.00. It took me about an hour to make it fit correctly. Or you can wait to see if there is enough interest, and I will start making them. Up to you.

I do have an Ollin motor and don’t mind filing it down. Send me your email and I’ll send it PayPal.

Let me know if the truck slot adjustment is enough. I am going to modify the slots a bit and order a few more, ill order one for you if yours doesnt work and we’ll trade yours for the new one.

I have had a few people ask for an update so I am just going to post here. The updated clamps will be sent out on Friday which means I will get them on Tuesday or Wednesday. I put in an order for more arms with the Ollin motor hole pattern yesterday so should get them around next Friday. Once I make sure everything fits I will order a bunch so there is no more waiting.