Interest in another FOCBOX supply in San Francisco?

My understanding is he has more customers than he can handle. Not anything to do with quality. If you can get an esc that works just as well for your purpose for $50 less, they will.

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Well this got off topic very quickly but I do agree that if @carl.1 is going to be selling through other people, the prices need to be substantially lower.

I agree. I really don’t think it was fair to sell them for $99 and undercut all the resellers, who are already under a monthly commitment. If anything, the resellers should have been the only ones who got that deal. And I say this as a consumer with no skin in the game


Reselling can not pay for all your months bills but it can help to get some extra money, to sell them here is not so hard, those resellers who bought it for 100$ will soon be out of stock and people will buy from normal resellers, shipping time is also not so time consuming or hard, on your way home stop by at the posts put them in a bag and ship 3 minutes per focbox

If someone with some money comes in the vesc game enertion can be easily taken out for the vesc market assuming he makes a 30 or 50% profit and not 100% like enertion of course with proven reliability

you have some competition already. I’ve already got 7 backorders and more inquiries every day, and i updated my subscription two days ago to double what it was.

I’m willing to bet 3Day priority is just as quick from Florida as it is from the Bay Area.

I wanted to swim over there and murder him until i found out why all of that went down. I completely get it, and i’m not even angry anymore. The situation really was that understandable. And i don’t just need them for retail, i need them for builds.

You mean like a $180 VESC 6 or some nonsense? yeah, that would pretty much destroy the entire current paradigm.

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I don’t intend for it pay that much. But you have to do analysis on how much I’m actually making for my time. When you look at the discount we get as whole salers vs other company in the skateboard industry, they don’t line up.

The process if getting to a place where you can sell them is not. But selling is a different game. First, there were the $140 vescs that everyone loved. People were used to that price. So when I tried to sell at $155, people were more interesting in waiting to see if they could get it cheaper again sometime in the coming months. Their prays were just answered with this $100 focbox. I commend Jason for doing this as it will greatly help the community, while sacrifice a lot of profits for himself. At the same time, we are paying $135 per focbox through our monthly plan.

It’s hard to sell when everyone anticipates the price will dip again at some point.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of interest. But everyone wanted lower prices. And when I couldn’t do it, they didn’t buy.

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haha, good stuff. You get more out though. I’m focused more on innovating from the ground up my own products though then getting my name out there through social media and the likes (not to say you don’t innovate. I’m mostly interested in getting a vesc 6.4 version going. Trampa has a 200% markup on them right now. They only cost $30 more than the focbox to make. $150 vesc 6 is totally doable, espeically if you take out extra parts that don’t effect performance.

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Him selling it to you for 135 and then putting them for 100 on the site is a bad move, I guess he had to make some profits somewhere he should we sold them to you for minimum price he can get like 80$ or so

ESCape guy is making them by hand, for a super low price like 130$ if i remember well

I thought it was $150.

I’d love to make them by hand at some point.

Dont know that was the price when i talked to him 2 weeks ago

True. Until i have the money, i can’t bribe broke college kid engineers to debug and rework switches and motor controllers and BMSs. I already spent a bunch of my weed money bribing a fine Canadian to make my pulleys. For now i have to settle with using proven tech, my own flavors, friends in France who share my love of new part designs, friends in Canada who like to fix things, my other friends in Canada who like to break things, my other friends in Canada who like to design things, and my son who is both filled with ideas and some fresh new destructive force that results in good failure information on a regular basis.

but really, its my hair that gives me all my powers. Also, i’m still trying to build electric skateboards. I figure you and a lot of other guys are building some new kinds of vehicles. gear drives, all wheel drives, complex suspension, linkages, super wide stances… none of that is me. I’m deliberately retaining skateboard status and i have no intention of branching even an inch away from that. Even some of these precision trucks are too complex for my taste.

That thing your doing, that’s out of my scope. That’s a whole other animal and you’re good at it, so i’m going to stay over here and just watch with interest.


you know, after reading that post i just wrote, i realized i have more friends in Canada than i do here. WTF.


I guess we’re fucking friendly


:heart_eyes: Es-ce vraiment parce que nous somme Canadien? Ou parce que tu as un petit quelques chose pour ceux qui parle dans la langue de l’amour? @okp


i should have paid more attention in French class. Unfortunately the heavy German accent the teacher had was distracting.


Otherwise it would be rape


The “toy” esk8 market is going to collapse, we will soon be seeing $19.99 boards that last for 7 minutes before they break.

However the “tool” esk8 market won’t crash.


@evoheyax @willpark16

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Not trying to bitch, just giving my 2 cents on my experience with the focbox program and with other reseller programs.

I just want a fair chance. I can’t even discount the focbox to package with other items because theres basically no profit margin on my end already. And then the discounts way below our reseller price have lead people to expect cheap focbox’s. If you really want one, just wait. So many people ordered them, they will pop up for $140 new from some one on here once they are shipped.

Give us the $100 focbox price and I’ll sign a contract that I won’t sell it alone for less than $155 so the price isn’t soiled. Just a fair chance is all I ask…