Interest in another FOCBOX supply in San Francisco?

The program doesn’t offer resellers the opportunity to make much money, as for exposure I would have no problem paying the upkeep of this forum. My issue isn’t with the vesc or it’s quality but rather that the program doesn’t offer the reseller much profit and that the product was originally priced at 99 bucks and was increased by a whole $50.


Obviously I bought 4 $100 FocBoxes because that’s essentially a $200 saving. I’m not complaining about getting a good deal, but Jason’s pricing made authorized seller lose business for a long time as no one will buy a FocBox at anything over $110 right now. I feel a partial refund needs to be made to these resellers to reflect that pricing as they paid a lot more that $100.

Saying that they are not willing to work for success is an insult on this matter as no amount of “work” will make me choose to pay $150 when a $100 option is available. Unless it ships with a $50 bill that is.


In the glass blowing industry retailers get stuff at half price. In the jewelry business their is a 300-500 percent mark up for retailers. When my friend sells bead jewelry to me to resell I get a 200 percent mark up to retail it.

When glass blowers sell to retailers they do not set up a stand out front and sell the same stuff at the same price. (Buying from your website is the same as buying from your retailers website, only difference is shipping time)

Retailers, especially ones like me who aspire to have an Esk8 shop in the future, can not afford to pay rent if they only get a 10 percent mark up. Especially when the supplier sells the same thing for the same price.

I love your products Jason, that is why I order product from you. You are like the Porsche of the esk8 scene and I can afford the high prices. Most people can not.

I want to see more people transitioning and using esk8 as a mode of transportation and even though your stuff is quality the only way to get people to ESK8 is a low barrier to entry.

I admit that I am new to the scene and still learning, but what I do know is that Meepo’s have gotten more people riding Esk8’s in 4 months than Enertion ever has.

well this is neither the glass blowing nor the jewellery business so it is not a good comparison. Groceries are typically sold at 5-10% markup. I do understand your point however.

I think the main issue is the cyber Monday sale and that Jason likes selling stuff to the customer directly, cutting out the middle man. This way he also keeps the selling prices of his products low, gaining market share. (he did however advise resellers to stock up on foxboxes on cyber Monday)

Sooner rather than later someone else will have to step up and also start mass-producing quality vescs at an affordable price. I just wish BV would do that…

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

a fish being a meepo or a Focbox in this analogy? :confused:

This has gotten so off topic :laughing:

Anyways, I’m not seeing enough genuine interest at this price point to enter the program.

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Yeah not much interest as anyone who wereinterested have gotten a few during the Black Friday sale. Would be great to stock up and resell for like $130 but it’ll take a while to sell your stock.

Thanks for the fix, that’s a better quote

Happy to do a deal with Resellers right now. $99. Moq. Cash upfront. PM me.

Otherwise when I’m funding your stock purchase and promoting your business for you, you will need to take less margin.

The profit margin is still very good with this consignent offer, the problem is you guys are discounting it.

The FocBox is the hottest product on the market right now, you don’t need to discount it. We sell over 200-300 every month at full price. Resellers should be leveraging the opportunity to add-on some of their other products and make some unique bundle deals with their FocBox stock…

Im also happy to help you all grow your business, I have over 15 years of experience in sales and running retail businesses. Free marketing and sales support.

The truth is, Nobody gave me anything, I worked hard for it, and I got where I am today without relying on help from others, if you are hungry for it you can make it big too. So I apologize I don’t tend to listen much to people saying selling is hard and it can’t work. Make it work.

Also. Happy to discontinue the program.



there we go… that sounds fair.

If that’s directed to me, I can say 100% I’m not offended, I’ve seen this type of reaction a 1000 times. Some people get “it”, some don’t.

If folks don’t want to work really hard to grow their business they just won’t be successful & This doesn’t bother me… Not everyone is going to be successful in this game, but I sure want to know and work with those who are…

My primary objective (apart from building my own killer eboards) here is to educate and grow the industry and get everyone building really high end esk8’s using FOCBOX (or any vesc based system) - I don’t want shit china esc’s to dominate - & I can’t bring the industry forward on my own. I just want others to stand up and drive the esk8 builders movement with me, the more players in the high performance realm the better…

The best way to get everyone building high end esk8’s with quality motor controller tech is;

  1. Make sure stock is readily available globally.
  2. Make sure that customers have support and service from industry experts in their local area.
  3. Make sure that new start-ups and existing businesses can get a product that they might not be able to afford normally. I know first hand how hard it is to manage cash flow.
  4. Make sure plenty of people are building Amazing high-end and reliable DIY esk8s

I’m sure when I have hundreds of resellers on the program I can start doing much better price’s, but we must start somewhere. The economy’s of scale will work their magic eventually, but like anything good in life it’s going to take hard work and a bit of crazy.

If you keen for a ride step on board the crazy train… Otherwise get off and make room… We shooting for the Starz.


what is the MOQ needed to get the $99 price per unit?

100 same as it used to be

what is that?

100 units for the $99 price

I’m pretty sure the $99 price had an MOQ of 51 units and above (as per the last time there was a GB).

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New moq is 100 according to the distributor

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