Interested in a custom built battery?

For some reason i can buy a 6s 10000mah 10C

for 45 euro’s … That’s almost as much as the 6s 5000mah 25C i have now.

Do the negative points way up to cheap price ? :stuck_out_tongue: Because i have single drive with 9mm belt . so won’t be doing hard accelarations anyhow

Multistar that is

What I found is that in 1P it’s kinda low since its only at 10s but if you ran a 2p it’ll go to 20c which is better

They’re fine they’re not bad just bad with acceleration

cool, I’ll have to do some measuring and research on the battery type/capacity that I want for my 3rd build and I’ll send you a PM. Thanks

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Personally the best for the money is going to be the Samsung 25r or the LG he2

Most of us use 25r

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Another thing I can do for you all which is what I am doing for @psychotiller which is to spot weld the entire pack together and run all of the balance terminals and main lead terminals and heat shrink it up and ship it out. This way they are much cheaper and you can choose if you want to ad a bms or voltage meter.

A battery pack using 40 Samsung cells is priced at 250 bucks plus shipping for just this method of production. You can change it using a lipo charger

i think it is a great thing for the diy community to be able to get battery packs which do fit individual needs to sad i am located in europe

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If you guys can figure out to get batteries shipped there and if you’re willing to pay for shipping then I’m game to ship. @OskarCastrone @HH1

@The rest of my European friends

I just know that ups won’t shipping batteries unless it’s by ground. And usps also.

Not sure how enertion does it

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Definetly not fast…

I think for the european market you should look for someone else. Maybe @elkick ( He is from Germany and as they make batteries i am sure they will do something custom if you ask nicely.

I’d also be interested in flat Li-Ion pack. 12s4p for me with Samsung cells. No bms. How much?

Just wondering why the addition of the BMS is that much more? I already have 30pcs of LG 3000mah cells that I want to try to make into a SPACE cell. How much would it cost to do just wire everything up like enertion’s SPACE cell ? Thanks!

It would cost the price of your cells + spot welder price + nickel strip + wire. If your cells are 200 USD (estimate) it is about $150 for a spot welder and 50 for nickel strip and wire. Around 400 but then the next build you make will cost $250 USD or less because you already have the spot welder.

I’ve got the same question ! Space cell like battery - with power switch + charge port + usb port + led display.


20 char

@lox897 beat me to it! Couldn’t have said it better myself

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Thanks! but I wanted to send you the cells to spot weld, misc hardware, basically everything a Space Cell has. Any estimations? You can PM if necessary! Or I can try it on my own and blow myself up LOL!

Is your pack in here? I know @psychotiller pack is


so how much are we talking about here if we can provide our own cells to the custom battery builders? I just don’t think I’ll have the time to figure it all out on my own. Best to leave it to you pros! I think we can get cells for about $130-150 (30cells), additional hardware and labor? I’m in California.

PS is that a Losi 1/18/1/16 mini?

Well I got the cells cheaper than you would since I bought them in bulk. I only charge About 20 percent of all material cost.


If you want to spend the money to send me the cells I can put it all together for the same deal 20 percent of all would be costs.

And hell yea I love my mini t. 40 mph. I can prove it lol