Interested in a custom built battery?

So I’m starting to build and sell batteries. I have a lot of experience in battery building and soldering as well as spot welding. Basically I can build any packs you guys would need whether it be lipo or lion. They’ll be quality cells like Samsung or Sony for example and will have a warranty included in price.

I can build them without BMS which would bring the cost down significantly.

Basically I would charge cost of material plus 20 percent labor so I am completely transparent.

Just checking to see if this would interest anyone I’m not really looking to make money from this mostly it’s because it gives me a viable excuse to sit in my workshop more often :slight_smile:

I can do lipo ultra flat packs like you’ve seen in my thread of how to make lipo packs thinner. Thanks to @lowGuido for extending the idea of ultra thin lipo packs. There would only be about a one week lead time before shipping. I can ship anywhere UPS lets me ship batteries to. Don’t quote me on this exact number but I can do a 10s4p pack with Samsung 25R cells for 270 bucks without a bms. Adding a bms adds about one hundred dollars to the pack.

I’m not entirely confident with pricing yet as I don’t know what will be a comfortable affordable price you guys are willing to pay. I’m just trying to make LIon for affordable for everyone. I can make two separate 5s or 6s packs you can charge and charge separate to run in series if you don’t have a 10 or 12s charger


I would be interested in the custom flat/slim lipo packs. What configuration can you do up to?

I can do any configuration you would like. If you want to pm a picture of your building area and requirements for voltage and amp hour I can send you an estimate

Do you already have the cells in stock? 8s5P with bms to fit in here:

I don’t have cells in stock right now that aren’t already accounted for! But I can get started as soon as possible.

I guess there is interest lol

I can do 2 rows of 20 or 3 rows of 13,13,14. If you want the cells as far back as possible to maximize room.

I can contact my buds at liion wholesale if u want me to, just looking out for my fellow esk8er…

It’s okay I order from there all the time now online! I love them quick service and nice

How long will the pack be with 2 rows of 20?

18mm * 20 cells so about 360 mm but not more than 380

could you do 5 rows of 8? laying this way? IIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIII

8 wide would be 144mm right?

I need a pack that is 144mm x 350mm or 290mm long if the last row could be stacked 2 high.

Definitely interested But not till July I think this is a great service since we don’t all have spot welders

Sounds great! I would love to buy some custom made batteries! I imagine that it would be expensive in shipping to Europe though… What do you think? Can you maybe give a rough estimate? :slight_smile:

Okay yes I can do a 144mm by 325mm pack. If you want to stack the past row I can get it to 144mmx 260mm

Since its 5 rows of 8 it’s a bit tricky to spot weld because the parralell packs aren’t all together but definitely possible

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Great! This isn’t a limited time offer so let me know when you’re interested

To be honest I’m not sure I can ship over seas… Usually I ship batteries by ground

That is a shame! Good luck to you anyway :smiley:

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PM sent! .

What lipo cells do you use? The multistar 10000mah 10C ?

No I made that mistake once I won’t do it again. I can use which ever cells you like tho. It’s cheaper to buy ready made lipos and dissect them than it is to buy single cells