International Shipping of Batteries (NA to EU)

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding a topic that has been mentioned a few times but I have not found an answer to it. That is the international shipping of batteries. I am currently living in Canada and build myself a board here. But soon I am moving back to Germany and am currently trying to figure out how I can bring my board with me. The Battery I am using is from the DIYeboard 10S3P kit and is rated at ~230Wh. The common allowance for lithium metal batteries is 100 Wh/160 Wh so I wont we able to bring it on with me on the plane. I am planing to take the board with me and sending the battery via ground shipping.

Or do you think I should just by a new battery? I know the DIYeboard cells are not the greatest and I might look into slowly improving my board with other, better parts. But I can’t find a 10S3P battery in europe for a price that does not shock me :smiley:

Does anyone have experience with shipping a battery that way? What would it cost to send it via ground mail and how long does it take?

We can sell you a custom battery if you want. Based in Munich, pm for prices.

Actual question is if you’re going to be able to sell your old one for a half decent price.

You can’t use ground shipping since there is not much soil between Canada and Europe. And shipping it on a ship would take ages and will be quite expensive since you just need to send a single battery.

You’re only option is lying about the capacity and taking it on the plane or shipping it with express post. I belive UPS don’t have problems with taking batteries.

But, DIYeboard batteries are not the greatest, you could have a 10s3p with 340wh made and I can definitely recommend @koralle He really knows what he’s doing : )


I’m aware of the lack of soil between Canada and Europe :smiley: Just considered shipping via ship as “ground shipping” in contrast to air. Back in Germany I frequently ordered parts from china and I’m pretty sure they came via ship. So I thought that would be a viable option.

I am not sure how I feel about lying about it. I definitely don’t want to take it on the plane with me. It’s not worth the hassle. UPS might be an option.

And like I mentioned. I know the battery I currently have is not great. But beeing able to use it for a bit longer until the winter or so is better than having buy a better, more expensive one.

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would it help to maybe split the battery?

That might be a last resort. I am not sure how the airport security will react to a split unlabeled battery pack :joy:

Hi, koralle How can reach you? Interested buying a custom battery from you.

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Hey man, pm incoming

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So it seems no one has shipped batteries “intercontinentally” :confused:

well there are some people who tried and got packages confiscated.

I once talked to Myus about shipping a battery to Austria from @torqueboards the 6s one and they said the would do it. Maybe get im touch with them. :slight_smile:

The thing is, I would risk “losing” the battery, since I would have to leave it here anyways. I don’t know/want to risk the consequences that shipping it via air or putting in in my suitcase would bring.

I just found “International Surface Parcel” by Canada Post for about 20 CAD.

That could be an option. 20 CAD for a Battery after 1-2 Month is better than no Battery. :smiley:

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