iPhone App to track speeds and distances

I’d like to be able to track performance over time while riding, so I can calculate and gauge battery life, total miles on parts, efficiency, etc. Do you have a favorite App to do so?

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Get a metr pro which is a module that syncs to ios over an app or xmatic


the METR bluetooth module is one of the best, if not the best way to do all that. i’ve got one in my board and it has its own app for android and ios.

you can customize the “front screen” to show all kinds of telemetry such as speed, voltage, distannce, Wh spent, Wh regen, batt and motor amps, all that goodness. it even calculates your average Wh/mile.

so yeah, for Iphones i’d strongly recommend METR

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Anything GPS based? I want to leave the board alone.

Have you tried this one ?

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