Is 9mm for a belt fine or should I go 12mm+?

I saw that torqueboards has used 15mm belts and was wondering if they are worth it or is 9mm for a single motor setup fine? What are the advantages with using bigger belt widths?

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are you using a single motor? I think for a single, wider would be better. but for a dual motor setup 9mm is sufficient and also helps with space on the truck.

I have used 9mm on my single motor builds, and it works, however it would be better with a little more surface area.

where can you buy 12mm+ belts?

I’m sure there are plenty of places you can get them, but this is the first place I saw on google.

amazon surprisingly is a good source

12mm or 15mm is better but it does add to the drag unless your spinning the drive wheel on a bearing which helps but if your using skate trucks most likely not.

12mm is ideal for dual rear since 15mm is a bit tight.

12mm is better than 9mm. If you can 15mm all the better.

But if you find 12mm, 12mm is a custom size.

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@NNGG I have about 40 miles on this build using a single motor and a 9mm belt. It seems sufficient, I’ve had no issues and the belt seems stable. As others have noted, 15mm is even better.

but can you use two 12mm TB kits with a dual raptor without cutting the trucks?

raptor dual already has cut trucks

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my understanding is that you cannot just buy the enertion 12mm belt kit and throw them on a dual raptor… I thought that’s what the video for? To show how to cut the trucks to make them fit.

I don’t see why you couldn’t, both 9mm and 12mm pulleys need the same amount of aluminum cut from the trucks. I suppose the limiting factor is if the mount and/or motor is too wide to fit dual.

If you have a raptor dual and are upgrading to 12mm you’ll probably need to readjust the mount on the trucks.

that’s what I thought… asked Enertion support and got this…

TOOK OUT NAME OF REP. DON’T WANT TO GET ANYONE IN HOT WATER…(Enertion Boards) Sep 15, 04:48 AEST Hello, Thank you for contacting Enertion Support. 12mm belts will not fit on the dual motor. There is less space for using a 12mm belt hub in dual motor. Regards

@onloop. Your thoughts?

Another possibility is enertion are using shorter caliber clones, though i doubt it. You can see in @torqueboards site that he fit dual 12mm pulleys on standard calibers

I asked someone in the chat box at DIY Skateboard if 36T ABEC Pulley Combo Kit would fit the dual raptor and they said it would “probably” fit.

Lol really? That’s mad funny.

I thought I could just order the 12mm from Enertion and pop them in like the 9mm. and just re align the mounts.

They should fit fine. But I’m not aware of the actual specs and sizes of the Enertion trucks and/or Mounts.

but the motor pulley is exactly 9mm (or just enough to fit a 9mm belt) right?

Oh are you talking about pulleys or belts?

correct… I am talking about buying the kit…belt,pulley etc and just changing it out so i can run a 12mm. Enertion told me I can’t do it, DIY says probably…I thought this would be something easy to do for a noob like me in the near future… guess not