Is a 250€ electric longboard build possible?

Hey everyone.

Im pretty new to all of this electronic stuff and so i was just wondering do you think an electric longboard of a 250€ budget would be somewhat decent?

I have been searching for the parts i could afford whole week (going to post all parts later). Just want to see your opinion what do you think?

250e is probably not possible for a good build, maybe 350e

With brushed motors I believe you can :smiley: I’ve seen one guy make his out of ~15 usd dollar ones…

But seriously… it will probably take around 300eur minium… depends on what you already have…

Battery ~50+ eur Motor 50eur minimum, typically 80-90eur Cheapest board with all wheels … etc… 50-70 eur?

You already get about 200 eur here… not including speed controller, remote, wires… the motor mount…

Search up some motor mounts… if u can make your own, might also save some money

With 350 you should be okay. Always remember that lower than a certain price, you’re giving up safety. And it’s better to have debts than to be dead. You should buy everything from a group buy (ajaynagra plans a lot of them) except for esc, take the FVT one, and for the batteries, buy a normal 6s lipo.

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