Is anyone selling skateboard trucks

I am on a tight budget so buying second-hand trucks would be great. so does anyone have old trucks they’d be willing to sell to me.

(Preverably from Europe)

Get on Facebook and find a local longboard B/S/T group. You can get great prices on gear that’s barely used

You are talking about skateboard or longboard trucks?

I have a set of Caliber II I could let go of for relatively cheap, or a set of Arsenal 180. PM me

Ok thanks will check that out if this doesn’t work out

Preferably long board

Longboards are skateboards…

But you know theres a difference between longboard and skateboard trucks, Right?

I think so. longboard are longer I think

exactly. i meant to reply to jmasta.

Maybe you should learn how to ride an unpowered board before you try to go 20+mph on an electric one…

i know how to ride a board :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you think I cant??

You hardly knew the difference between longboard and skateboard trucks

And what does that mean about how well I can ride a skateboard ???

I assumed that you’ve never been on a longboard before since you didn’t know seemingly anything about trucks. You also didn’t heed anyones advice in your other thread about getting bigger wheels.

who said I was going to make an electric longboard?

Why the hell are you on this forum if you aren’t building an electric board

Ok, so your point is- If I don’t know about trucks and don’t take some peoples advice on wheels so I cant ride a skateboard??

I am. just not a longboard. your assuming so much