Is braking force related to motor KV or motor size?

Max 4a each

Then the answer is that I’m running an incorrect reduction ratio, I’ll confirm it in 1 hour as soon as I replace the 62Y with 72T pullies

Just looked at your post about your calculated top speeds. That seems pretty high and would account for slower acceleration and braking. It doesn’t seem like you’re reaching those speeds on your setup

as long your belt isnt skipping you can heighten up that brake current… i think maxing out will not destroy your motor since its no constant amperage generating while braking.

But 64km/hr on Trampa… U reach those speeds @Eboosted ?

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I didn’t have the correct pulley set at the time, I just got the 72T pulleys so I’m testing.

I’ll report back in a moment

The main problem is that we don’t know the max charge current the cells can take. Yes, they are list at 4A at the data sheet, but that number is for a full charge cycle, from 0% to 100% in one go, in our case the brake peak break current happens for what? 10 seconds max? the cells won’t explode if you put higher than the data sheet says, within reason

Personally I prefer to have a battery that last a little less (number of cycles) and can brake me when I need than be conservative with it and one day go flying over a car because my board couldn’t brake in enough time.

In my case the max charge current of NCR GA is 1.65A, if i set to that it’s the same as having no brakes, so i run each at 5A and I can stop wherever i like, saved me from a few scratches a few times

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Just measure your motors kv. You can do so in the terminal tab of the ESC-Tool. For example all 6374 190 kv motors that i have seen so far are 170kv motors. Maybe with your 200kv motors it is the opposite. Possible they are even 213 or 230.

And just simply raise your motor min value. if the ratio has a 30% higher gearing than your other setup then it also needs 30% more amps to reach the same torgue.

Brakes on my 16/33 107mm top speed set up had ok brakes but I have to anticipate braking at high speeds cause it’s take a bit to stop. My 16/36 107mm daily set up had decent brakes but if I lean correctly I can fully brake so I may change it from -60 motor to -80

I tried to address this before, but got no response. In the esc tool (ackmaniac) it won’t give any reads when typing kv, just sais calculated kv is 0 erpm while giving full throttle

I think we have to run a little bit and then write KV on terminal

I’ve tried multiple times and always got no read. How long would you say is needed approximately until it can get a proper read?

Edit: Let it run for about 1 minute but still saying 0.

Don’t want to hjack this thread, but just saying that this method might not work for all and I haven’t seen a solution for it yet.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue, best place to do so would be in the ackmaniac esc tool thread. Thanks :hugs:

I had to run the motor using the arrow key and type kv then enter while the motor was running

Ok, I was able to test the board with 72T pullies and it has more torque and more braking force, board feels way more fun, but I still need more braking force.

I’m going to increase motor min from -65a to -80A and reduce battery min from -20A to to -16A

Let see what happens

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When the brake is weak? At top speed or close to zero? If it’s weak at top speed but good at low you need more battery current, it it’s weak across all speeds you need more motor current, and possibly battery also

It’s weak on all speeds. However I had the same setup before and the brakes were pretty good the only difference was a lower kv motor and 1 teeth less on motor pulley (13T instead if 14T), hence the reason I posted this thread

You said you have a Bluetooth module right? Try recording the ride and doing a full brake from top speed to zero, then we can see what’s happening

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Time to update this thread.

My old setup was this:

14/62T pullies Motor max 100A Motor min -65A Battery max 40A Battery min - 20A

My new setup is:

14/72T pullies Motor max 100A Motor min -80A Battery max 40A Battery min -16A

The board brakes like a dream now, acceleration is unreal, top speed is adecuate and I can’t reach it because of speed woobles on a Trampa board, but it’s stable until 40km/hr

I don’t want to ride anything at all besides this board now.

I even increased throttle 10% polynomimal and I LOVE IT!

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Typo? Seems like you put on a bigger wheel pulley?

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Ups, correct. I’m fixing it right now.