Is braking force related to motor KV or motor size?

I got two 6384s 200KV from APS for my Trampa build, I love how the board rides and accelerates but the braking force is somewhat weak, I’ve increased the battery min from -12A up to -20A per VESC but it’s still pretty poor. I’m running a 12S4P of 30Qs. I wonder if I should lower the motor KV down to 170to increase braking.

Motor pullies are 62T and motor pullies 14T, the issues might also been related with too high speed 75.59kph unweighted and 64.25km/hr weigthed.

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You running stock vesc to firmware on the escapes or ackmaniacs…as stock vesc toool braking is balls…

If you increase the ratio between the wheels and motor the braking will get stronger.

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I can almost guarantee it is the VESC tool version he is running. It’s a known issue…

If your on 3.xx, the only firmware I would run is the 3.100 ackmaniac. Because the braking algorithms bvedder changed it to make no sense. Ack put it back to work like 2.18 & 2.54.


Breaking force is both related size of stator and kv 20 amp for 2 should be enough. but I also think it’s a problem with VESC tool.

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Here is one of the references. As well Ack mentions it in his Ack ESC tool thread.

I’m running 3.100 from @Ackmaniac, so it’s not a firmware issue, I’m exchanging the pullies frm 62t to 72t and will see how it works.


I am running 6384 170kv from APS and brakes are freaking huge like if I brake bit too hard I can fly off the board… But stading brakes are shit like if I stand on hill with fully braked board goes backwards…

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What are your VESC settings?

What’s your pulley ratio? (pulley teeth count)

What’s motor min?

These are my settings:

Motor max 100A Motor min - 65A Batery max 40A Battery min - 20A

Could increase motor min to -100, are your ppm settings giving you a full 100% positive and negative on your throttle?

I am running at the moment default settings 60A

Is it really safe to run -20 on each vesc on batterymin when using a 12s4p 30q? The max amp charge is 16A? So -16 should be the limit? I run -8 on each vesc on my build with a gearing 16/36 with 83mm wheels. The brakes are weak at highspeed but ok from medium to slow speed.

Probably so. And split between both vesc

I have the same settings on my Darth Maul but instead of 200kv I have 190kv motor 15/40T gearing instead of 14/62Ts and 107mm wheels instead of 200mm and it brakes perfectly

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30q are max 5 a per cell(if i remember well) charging thats 20a in your 4p pack so i would put max 12a per vesc

dont you mean -10 per vesc then?

Its okay to put it a little bit higher because you will never be breaking at 20a for more than just a second or two so you can put it a little bit higher

Braking force is NOT related to kV.

i already had a discussion about torque from kv differences, see kv has nothing to do with torque.

the higher the kv, the more amps the ESC has to supply to generate the same amount of torque compared to a lower kv motor.

still, there will be a limit for braking, but i think were talking about forces we will not reach while driving and braking, beforehand your wheels will lock up.