Is Enertion motor mount fit evolve double kingpin truck?

Hi all, I want to build the double r-spec 6374 with enertion motor mounts on evolve truck.

Is anyone try this before.

I need your experience and advices

should work, just need make sure motor mount can mount tight, wondering where did you buy the evolve truck?

I did this with the Gen2-Trucks, I filed it down a bit

GT trucks should’n be a big difference

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Trying to build one Now waiting for my trucks to come Does dual 6374 fits?

How did it go? Looking forward to see how this turns out.

if you buy the GT rear hanger - Ollinboards motors fit - straight swap.

You mean Ollinboards mount will fit on the Evolve rear truck round bracket? Or just the Ollinboards motors fit the Evolve mount?

the ollin motors are the same mounting as the evolve. If you have the evolve rear truck AND motor mounts the ollin motors bolt straight on.

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Both 5065’s and 6085’s ??

No, just the 5065’s, 38mm diameter mounting holes Actually I’m not sure what the mounting holes are on the 6085’s. Wishing someone would build with that beast motor.

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Yeah really big. Your 5065’s are the 200 KV version, right?

I need to find mounts for my Evolve 12" inch rear trucks. Thinking on finding custom mounts, but its difficult. Instead, I think will follow your idea, cut the crap, and use the same old Evolve mounts.

My original idea was to get away from the crappy Evolve motors (no Racestars neither), find nicer mounts and great motors. But thinking twice about it, is not that bad to stick with the Evolve mounts and instead go for the Ollinboards brushless motors which fit perfectly, just like you did.

What are your impressions from the Ollinboard motors?

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Imagine dual diagonal 6385’s on 12s… :heart_eyes:

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@chaka’s stuff is rock solid reliable, and he’s a super nice guy and will help you with almost anything you need when it comes to installing/setting up

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Right now those are becoming my No.1 choice. Been looking for different mounts for the Evolve rear truck, just to get away from their motor installation. Wanted to build a full customized propulsion system with different parts from different manufacturers. Otherwise it will be no more than a set of Evolves trucks and motors installed in a different board. I like the Ollinboard 5065 200KV option. :+1:

Thanks for the advice GrecoMan

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Tell him I sent you if you order :wink:


I will, man. :+1::relaxed:

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I’ve seen a few builders use the torque board mounts but would like to know how they modify it to fit.

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Hi You maybe have the picture of the evolve truck with mounts?? I have mount and i want to order evolve truck but i need a picture to see the Result… Gr sam