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Is enertion VESC pre-programmed?

Guys, i have the opportunity to buy a magneto board really cheap, i know the ESC on this board is horrible, thats why i want to change it to a enertion VESC. My question is, is this VESC pre-programmed? I really want to just plug it in and go on.

If it is not pre-programmed, is it difficult to configure?

It isn’t pre-programmed, but it’s not very difficult

Just search ‘VESC faq’ on the forum search and read up on some of the forum topics- you will need to download the BLDC tool program, but it’s all pretty simple.

I believe it comes preset for use with r-spec motors.

It has default settings that fit space cell and R-spec motors

and what connectors are used ? 4mm bullet connectors for motor and XT60 for battery ?

i think they are 5.5mm bullets for the motor.

Xt60 for battery and no connectors for motor.
At least that’s how I got mine.
The female bullets came with the motors and had to be soldered on.