Is it just me? Or maybe you too?

I feel the same way. Several times I’ve trusted perfect strangers with my hard earned cash and each time they’ve come up trumps! Oh! Except that one time someone sold me an inferior VESC, but that had a silver lining because now my kids use that on the board I built them because the VESC has no ‘go’! lol But all in all, a great community of helpful people and I’ve had a great experience so far! :smiley:

What I love is the willingness to help and to see others succeed in a hobby we all love so much.

It gets ya right there :cry:


We are all builders, nothing else matters, we are all stoked to build and to ride. I imagine the same feeling was held by the first group of people to carve up a log just to ride some breakers. Stoke brings people together like nothing else in this world!


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@SeanHacker Yes! All of this! Years ago I joined the forum and quietly asked a few questions. I was bombarded with support and positive encouragement.

My favorite things about this forum:

We all give it back - everyone wants to help if they can. Experienced pros with a lot of knowledge, and newer folks that know answers. Everyone pitches in an helps.

We encourage each other - new ideas aren’t squashed even if they are on the “maybe” side of brilliant. “Do it for science!” is something we say a lot, which means that we all like seeing exploration and creativity

Negativity doesn’t thrive here - Members and mods work together to maintain our positive vibes. Trolls are stamped out almost immediately and then it’s back to business as usual. civilized discourse isn’t the norm online, but we fight for it

Damn smart people - I am impressed daily with the incredible work everyone does!


Could not agree more. I have joined only about half a year ago and have already learned more things about electricity, gearing ratio, electronics in general, batteries, battery configuration (i could go on indefinitely) and much more. I am happy every day when I have some free time to read what you guys are up to or share my latest builds, or problems. I hope that this community keeps being exactly the way it is and that we change the world for the better on its way to being ‘electrified’. It has opened up my eyes to many more DIY projects / ideas like DIY-Powerwalls, DIY-electric-cars, scooters or anything else. Dont fool yourself guys: Batteries WILL become the single most important energy resource available within the next few decades and all of US will be on the forefront of this revolution, while others will remain to be the dull consumers theyve always been. All thanks to you.

TL;DR Love you all, please keep this forum and the community the way it is FOR EVER. Also, I am really hoping that Europe will have a huge get together of esk8ers like you guys do in the States!


I gota admit the mom jokes are funny @longhairedboy @psychotiller I also love the no bullshit policy! You better be prepared to back up your product if you make claims that are preposterous! You WILL get called out and trucks with springs on being called a revelation to esk8’s will get swatted :wave::dash: the f#$k outa here!


I moved the discussion about vendor complaints to a new thread, so have at it over here:

Let’s keep this thread all about the :blush:


This is why this works. Right here.


I love lamp. And esk8 camp. Before joining this I had no religion. It’s getting steamy in here :heart_eyes:


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I’m a member of a few different forums and there always seems to be a trust formed through the preconceived assumption of being “one” on the basis of shared common interest. It goes further when there is an element of kindness and humanity to the interactions. There is a transparency in the honesty of our presence through words, pics, and links. A diverse mix of unique souls, talented minds, and skilled hands realize ESK8 as an outlet for creating positive waves. People from all over the world are represented here. I wish the world could find a way to become one again. If we can get along here and other forums…Maybe we have a shot. Life is short, Be kind! :sunglasses::v:


Hear hear @treenutter! Your 4 points are great ways to live a full and happy life, off the forum as well as on!


Same here Shaun…still dont know much at all about building an electric skateboard, but there is help and lots if interest from the first day i joind this forum. Im not even sure if there will be a board builded by myself one day, but that is not really important for me at all.I was looking for people sharing their passion with me and that is what I found in here. Similar to you I bought my first eboard june last year and until today i bought the seventh(all the same model hahahahahaha). I just want to subscribe your post because i cant hold myself back to do so. At last I want to mention that there are some genius guys around here, working on perfection and lots of power…Thank you Shaun and billion thanx to the whole community. Skate or die and stay always save.

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Yeah I feel that I can trust people on this forum more maybe it is because everyone on her is very friendly and helpful.

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I think the fact the boards can kill you or burn down your house make people scared to the point of actually being good humans to each other.

Also people who build stuff are generally pretty cool people.

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