Is it just me? Or maybe you too?

Just as the title says guys. Is it just me? Or does most of you guys trust everyone here MORE than on other forums like I do? From day one that I signed up and made an account I’ve always felt respected, acknowledged, and most importantly safe!

I read for quite a few months before I decided to join here only because I wanted to educate myself prior to posting. I’ve purchased individually, done multiple group buys, and also have had things fixed by perfect strangers with absolutely no problems at all! I’ve seen some shady shit go on here like @Alextech and others that I really could care less to mention. But those few instances are dwarfed by the massive amount of help that is here.

What I guess I’m trying to say is THANK YOU ESK8-BUILDERS Community!!! You’ve not only my taught me how to solder, how electricity works (kinda lol), and that there is a whole community full of intelligent people that are willing to help others just because they can. This website has seriously changed me for the better in less than a year. All in all thanks guys!!! You are some of the smartest, most compassionate forum members I’ve ever encountered and I really appreciate everything you guys do!!!

Done with my rant. I went from owning no eboards last November. To owning 4 eboards this November!!! I’ve also broken my first 3 bones esk8ing. Love every minute of it. What about you?


Yup, I feel the same way. It’s amazing how passion and excitement for a rather unique hobby really brings people together!


Everyone I’ve interacted with (with an exception or two) has been really helpful. I feel like every time I ask for help it’s a contest to see who can be the most helpful (as long as you’ve done some preliminary research).


Yep. I totally agree!


I know. Every time I think I’m lucky to get one answer, I get multiple from multiple different spectrums.


I feel the exact same, I only started Esk8ing recently and I feel more attached to this forum than any others. hell, I started asking questions within a month of lurking, on reddit I only started to make posts or comments after 3 years!!

This community ammazes me and I love it and the people in it!


Yeah! I joined just to get help on my first build and ended up getting a lot more than I asked for lol. EVERY single person here has been more than happy to help and share ideas. No matter how noob or young you are someone is always will to help. Everyone here is just flipping awesome! :grin:

Now working on my third build. Only though I would need one oops… :money_with_wings:

Also shoutout to @ThermalM16 for offer to fix some of our vescs for FREE :blue_heart:. Wish him all the best of luck with in repair service. Love you dude!


Its definitely been an eye opening site. I swear I could ask anything here whether it was about esk8 or not and I’d most likely get the answer. I might get reamed here for not searching why my kid tells me no. But I bet I’d get advice in PM. :wink:

I think I got advice from a teenager the other day. It was awesome!!!


I feel the exact same way. Ever since I joined up here in late July, I haven’t missed a day on this forum. It really feels great to be a part of this forum because most people will take everything I say as just nonsense because of how young I am (i’m only 14), ive NEVER had someone blatantly tell me I was wrong without any sort of reasoning or explanation on here. Along with most people here, I started with a budget around $350… 6 months later over spent over $2,000 :dizzy_face:. I have learned waaaaaaay more skills than just learning about VESC’s and motors. This forum has lead to my extreme interest in becoming an entrepreneur and investor in the future, it has also started me on the path of becoming an electro-mechanical engineer (my dream job). I have excelled in my 3D modeling class in school because of how much everyone here has taught me about my CAD software. I have gained more knowledge in the few months i’ve been here than I have after the past 9 1/2 years of schooling. The people here are all extremely kind and generous, I have gotten mountains of free parts and thing from people, which has really taught me that I need to start appreciating everything I get more. This forum has truly changed my life. Thank you to everyone here.


Damn! I’m so warm and fuzzy my dog won’t stop trying to mount me!

Love this forum from day one.


Haha glad to help! You were the first one to send me your VESC and you’ll be the first to get yours back. I just bought a bunch of soldering equipment for myself, so hopefully you guys on this forum will keep pushing those VESCs to their limit and help me pay it off :joy: I’ll be officially opening that VESC repair service here pretty soon. I actually joined this forum on November 9th, a little over two weeks ago for help building my first board as well, and everyone has been extremely helpful. With any luck I’ll have all my parts in and have it built sometime next month!


Shame there’s no sound through the forum ! If this was the Oscar’s your ass would have been half way through that shit and…:notes::musical_note:lol…nah I get ya though great forum! My Internet history shows how much I love this forum!

It’s affecting my porn addiction! I’m scared for my health!


You are one of my ones. Lol.

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As you should be!!!

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I started listening and then It kicked in…nope it’s nearly 5am lol only up to buy some foc’s and nanox…dedication!


Thanks Brotha!!!


It´s cool to see you guys every few weeks online here with funny stories, great board builds, or @psychotiller and @longhairedboy debating who´s mum is hotter :wink:

It´s also awsome to have a warm place like this in this cold, cold internet. Just take a look at youtube comment section or other forums, where everyone is only throwing shit around.

Really nice to have this cool community full of awesome people! Keep going peops´, luv u all :couple_with_heart:


this forum is the best thing that ever happened to the internet and to esk8ing. So much positivity and encouragement and a lot of us have found our niche and are starting new businesses with entirely new kinds of business models and rethinking the way everything is done. Its just too much awesome for one post.

I really do appreciate all of you for making it this way. IT takes all of us to do that. To se the mood, to set the policies, to set the happy creativity vibe that we have. every other forum on the internet needs to be taking notes. THIS is how its done.

@psychotiller’s mom is so hot, but only because she rides around on a burning hoverboard! hahahahahaha