Is it possible to change my initial post to add some files?

Hi guys! Awesome forum! I love it!

But is it possible to make the initial post in the FeatherRemote Thread changeable`? I want to add GERBER Files, SourceCode links ect. to let all people create this remote.


You could upload them to GitHub then post the link and mark it as a solution :slight_smile:



exciting news… :wink:


I would rather put all together in the initial post.

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Just to actually summon them, @moderators

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I’m just gonna drop this right here :slight_smile:


So, thats it? No chance to manage this?


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An owner needs to edit the discourse config… @moderators @onloop

I don’t know exactly why we have it where edits close off after a while, but I’m happy to edit whatever people need edited. Just give me a topic and the text that you want added.

You need to change it within the Discourse configuration… :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have access to that unfortunately. That would be top lvl, @treenutter and @onloop only.


@StefanMe add the links here and I’ll edit your initial post for you. We maintain the standard protocol for post editing because OP could start a thread, get 100s of responses, and then change the initial post such that all of the responses have a new context and meaning.


Feel free to add this plugin while you’re there. The gif response system here is Baaaaaad. See, I can’t even add a terrible sheep gif to show you.

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Also maybe enable the dark theme option, and use of gifs as avatars. I’d really like my avatar to be my wheel spinning and it’s built in as well.

Admin control panel -> Settings tab -> Files section, and then look for the “allow animated avatars” checkbox.

You can even change the “like” option’s heart icon to a skateboard or hang loose hand . Just saying :man_shrugging:

Thanks for updating discourse though!