Is it possible to make an offroad build with a regular deck?

Title says it all, I cannot afford to buy an mountainboard deck, but I was wondering if a normal longboard deck could be converted to an offroad, trail riding deck? Nothing too hardcore, just something for fun. What differentiates a mountain board from a long board?

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Pneumatic wheels which require wide trucks and all of the wide trucks are 35 degrees so you would need some kind of a “adapter”

Bindings also make a huge difference for real offroad, but that would be fairly easy to add to a normal deck.

The flex of my trampa deck is also very nice, i think it’s hard to recreate the feeling with a regular deck without the 35° angle at the tips and the concave shape.


Just run pneumatics, like the ones from @psychotiller, no need for a MTB deck if you are planning to have fun once in a while.

Look for a deck that is very close to the ground as when you run pneumatics the additional height of a regular board make it look unnatural

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As @Acido said you will probably need some risers to adjsut the trucks to the flat deck. Maybe not 30 degrees but at least 15 if you use the standard non-spring trucks from Trampa or MBS. Alternatively you have the 218mm Torqueboard trucks that do not need risers.

I just posted an picture to the “no words”-thread. I got an rubber belt which i superglued an pattern into. I could have made it look nicer, but it actually works very good on snow. I would think that on rougher terrain, just get thicker rubber.


Would it be possible to take like skateboard deck and use kicktalils as angle for mountain board trucks?

What kind of HUB motors are those? Maytechs?

I have torqueboard 218’s, I would assume those are wide enough? I can 3D print risers with nylon, that should be strong enough

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Bindings are the things that keep your feet on the board right? That shouldn’t be too terribly hard to do! I could use a bamboo board to simulate that, and 3d print custom risers. It might look kinda goofy, But it would work pretty well!

Good advice, I didn’t think about the lower decks. Maybe one that drops down? I don’t know what they are called, but the board itself does what you are saying.

My personal opinion is that 3d printing sucks for applications like these, and I do not trust it, make it out of wood or something if you do not have the tools to make it metal, people have done it, some lasted some didn’t but when you go 50kmh I would not like to worry if my raiser will crack or not

I do have the torqueboards trucks, that’s convenient! I kinda want the spring trucks in the future… they look so badass…

As long as you use Nylon or Polycarbonate printing should be possible, but no guarantees.

Nylon doesn’t crack, I am already using it on my motor pulleys and motor mounts with no problems whatsoever. It’s flexible, so it can withstand a ton of force against it. While I would rather use a more solid material, I do believe it is possible!

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I would be using nylon, at this point I don’t really print with much else :joy:

Very interesting! I wonder how long that would last? How would that compare to something like this? I’m sure yours would work significantly better in snow and sand!

Good luck dude

To clarify, the mounts have steel rods through them too. I certainly wouldn’t do that with a mountain board setup, it works well for roads

The nylon is a great idea, probably perfect for riser applications. Nice amount of flex and strength, just keep in mind the hygroscopic nature of it if you plan to ride in the rain.

On the other hand, when you print make sure to put like 5-6 perimeters to keep the screw passthroughs strong :slight_smile: