Is it safe to call 20 amps from 10amp capable cells, for two seconds?

I was watching a battery building youtube, and the amperage allowed per motor was 60. Then, the parallel capability was said to be 120 amps needed. SUSTAINED. I have heard that many set their vescs at 60 amps motor per, and say 40 or so from battery. Is this a safety factor that makes the battery capable of large motors, or should we be able to call for double from our battery?

Lets use an example. 10s5p 10 amp cells. So, 50 amps can be sustained. BUT, 6374s have eightyish amps capability. So, for a safety factor, set vesc to 60 amps to motors each. Then I have seen many set battery to less amps. Say thirty or forty amps.

What is the safe amp draw from battery, to get most out from motors?

What is the most amp draw capability, to have burst say two seconds, not heat battery too much?

I dont intend to ride over 25mph, much, or sustain full throttle up hills.

Also, do I give breathing room, by lowering gear ratio? Does it help a lot? I am between 15 or 16 on motor pulley, and 66 on wheel pulley. 7 inch wheel. It is only a three mph diff.

Get a huge battery and underload it and you won’t have any problems.

My enclosure can handle 5 parallel. 10s. I am using GA cells, that have a 10 amp rating.

I would LIKe to have 10p. But it would drag ass and be REAL heavy. 25 top speed is fine.

I will not be going offroad up steep inclines.

So what is the problem? If you set your esc to 25 per, that max’s out your constant. You don’t want that.

This could give you some insight on what’s happening.

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So, given my particulars, what should be the MODE? current control? How much should I set motor amps? What should I set battery draw at?

Set motors at 20per.