Is it safe to drill through trucks?

I want to drill through the skateboard trucks in order to mount my motor, I was wondering if it is safe to do?

I’d imagine it’d be fine as long as you don’t drill through the axle, only go through the hanger.

Depends on the size of the hole too. You don’t want to weaken the truck too much.

also depends on where you drill - if it’s a big thick piece of aluminum on the edge you probably don’t want to drill there, but if it’s thin and away from the edge then I think it’s ok.

Notice how I drilled through the thin part of the metal below:


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@mm6ix I think the way that @DougM did it is the only way you should attempt it. I have experience snapping trucks in half. Lol

My Benchwheel has 3 grub screws all going into the thick part of the hanger (but not axle), and it seems pretty rock solid :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies, ill make sure to drill away from the edge.