Is it worth it? no battery

I am from New Zealand and i am having the worst time trying to get a battery from anyone over seas. Do i risk it being sent which has to miss labeled for it to be even sent and risk it being seized or do i build a 12s lipo pack with bms and display. It would cost me around $320 nzd for a lipo pack or around $480 nzd to get a 10s3p li ion pack sent. So my question is how good are lipo packs compared to li ion packs. My motor is a carvon single hub, any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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NOT WORTH IT! Li-ion cells are better than lipo batteries. Trust me you’ll be really upset if your battery gets seized. Just build the pack, if you build your pack you can make it whatever size you want and have as much power and range you want.

i can get a hold of samsung 25r here but they are $9.95 each (around $7.20 usd) so that would be $300 for the cells (10s3p) then if i got an 10s 80a bms it would be about $120 nzd shipped and matching charger at 4a is about $120 so thats $540 and i dont have a spot welder and no case :-/ i could get a cheaper bms and charger though.

Well, that stinks, $120 seems like a lot for the charger… You technically don’t need a BMS (but if you want one for safety reasons, get one. You should be able to get a charger for like $20-$30 USD it won’t charge the pack as quickly but it should work. As long as the voltage is correct, go for any charger you can less than the amperage of your pack, the difference between a 2Ah and a 5Ah can be ALOT sometimes, but the trade off is that charging may be 4 hours instead of 1.5 hours. You don’t NEED a spot welder, even though you should use one unless you really can’t get one. You can always solder to the batteries… cough @whitepony cough QuadTheory does the same with his boosted board battery packs.

EDIT: Oh if you choose not to use a BMS, you just have to be very careful-- talk to @lowGuido

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where in new zealand are you? I have a buddy who works on the ice (McMurdo) i could ask to deliver this fall? Think he flies out of christchurch to the ice oct ish.

I would rather a bms and just found out i cant even get lipos by air freight :frowning: maybe a cheaper bms and charger, only if i could borrow a spot welder haha

Im on the other island in the middle haha and rather have one by then, but thanks!

I’ve read lead acid chargers are not compatible with lithium cells!! I forget the details but I’d check it out first

Constant current or constant voltage or maybe it was something else

Did you try Hobby King international?

I range the dangerous goods HQ in NZ and they said no lipos allowed in by plane.

There is a way to get batteries in but they have to be inside the device, so i would have to buy a complete.

A fellow kiwi! Hi!

You can order LiPos from HobbyKing, just select the Australia warehouse. They ship by boat and take about 3-4 weeks to get here.

I got 2x Zippy 8000mah 4S for an 8S setup from them last week, cost was $130US including shipping.


Thanks guys i didnt know the shipped via see… slowly looking up hahaha

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Check this out mate :slight_smile: A little creative wiring and you could turn that into a 10s2p battery :slight_smile:

I saw that haha, i was looking at drill batteries after that lol! 2x 18v 5ah drill batteries in series haha

Use lipos. Lipo 4 lyfe. Seriously li ion are a better battery but lipo is so cheap and easy. You just gotta take care of them.

Looks like my only choice for a good price he in NZ

Hey, get some batteries from, they’re from the US, but I ordered 10 packs of 4 18650 25R (Samsung) batteries (40 cells in total for a 10s4p). It’ll cost you about $213 after conversions from USD, and maybe $230 after shipping costs. You’ll have to solder them yourself and get a BMS and such other materials too, but it’ll still pretty cheap compared to $480 from wherever you’re getting yours from.

I got mine shipped to Australia and it took 5 days to get to me, with the cheapest shipping method which was only a few dollars.