Is my battery ok after not charging for the whole winter?

Hi guys. I have the 10S4P battery pack from @Eboosted I have not charged my battery for the whole winter. I first checked my cells today, and I was shocked Here are my numbers: 41,5 37,3 33,1 29,0 24,8 20,7 16,5 12,4 08,2 4,1

I cant belive that my battery is fully charged when I left it the whole winter without charging. Is this normal?

Are those lotto numbers? Confused. What is the overall voltage? Can you show the voltage of each p group?

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haha, I messured the voltages with my multimeter, Minus plugged in to my Battery Minus and then I checked all the ports on the balance connector with the positive on my multimeter, overall voltage 41.5V

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That would indicate a well balanced pack! And no, it’s not abnormal for there to be little voltage drop when stored, as there’s nothing drawing off the batteries. Word of advice; better to store the cells at about 50-60% full capacity if not used for long periods. Prolongs the life of the cells! Hope that helps.

Yes exactly what @Lionpuncher said. Never store your batteries fully charged, store them at 3.7V that’s 37v on a 10s battery pack or 40% of its full capacity.

If you know you will not use the esk8 for the whole winter, unplugging the battery and the BMS plug is also a good advice.

Storing your Li-Ion batteries at 100% for long periods of time might cause p-groups to drift and will decrease its life a lot