Is my hub kit any good,?


Total biginner, lookimg for a hub kit recomendation, A bit overwhelmed by whats out there, maby a budget system if they exisist? Am not lokming for max speed just moderate to fast I was thinking of using these motors or it there is a better or cheeper soloution maby?

£11.46 31%OFF | 83mm 90mm 97mm Electrical Skateboard 1800W Motor 5M Gear 270mm Belts Kit And Motor Mount Parts Riserpad Skateboard Accessories

It seems to have everything in it, i have controller and im looking to buils 10s 4p battery

Those are belt drive motors. Hub is when the motor is in the tire. If you are going belt drive @dickyho on ebay has some good budget options for mounts and gears.

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What he said. I definitely wouldn’t buy that. Mount looks like poo

If ever there was a place u get what u pay for its eskate. Pay w ur skin possibly.

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