Is my motor dead?

So I’m starting to salvage parts from my board that exploded and I was hoping that both motors would still work, but it seems that one has much more resistance when trying to rotate it manually. I took it apart and this is what it looks like: I realize that this isn’t a lot to go on but do you think that my motor is dead? When the fire department put out the fire they poured something on it that caused a lot of my components to rust, so I’m thinking that might have not helped the motor all that much.

It’s a torqueboards 6355. I haven’t actually tested the motors yet because I don’t have a battery/esc to use but hopefully I will sometime soon.

I owned a brushless motor which also had resistance when trying to rotate it manually. Eventually, after a little while, the motor got burnt out very badly, it even started to smoke and all that cool sh*t. So my guess is that your motor is already dead or it’s very likely to be dead after a short time of use. Did you try to test it with a VESC?

OFF-TOPIC: Which 3D printer do you use?

Your phase wires are shorted, see where it’s torn by the base of the wire. Try separating that and see if it’s still hard to turn, if it is then it’s internally shorted in which you’d have to rewind or get a new motor.

Furthermore you can test it when you rotate your second motor while holding 2 phase wire bullets together (of course not connected to electronics!). If it’s the same resistance as your “broken” motor then the phase wires have contact as @Jinra mentioned, the melted part looks bad. If it’s different then there could be an additional mechanical issue on your broken motor.