Is my Problem with vesc or remote?

I’m new to eskateboarding, I just put together an old vanguard with single torque board 6374 and 12s1p a123 pack. It’s an older pack from an ebike project. My problem is a stuttering/jerking when I apply power. I fooled around with some vesc settings and that didn’t seem to change any of the problems. It happens during braking too. I have a maytech 1712 remote and the recover is mount close to the vesc. Any help would be greatly appreciated

The stuttering is coming from the VESC. Do you have it setup in Sensored mode or Hybrid? Sounds like you motor/batt amps are too low or the sensors aren’t setup

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I tried senorless, sensored, and hybrid. Also set motor detection with no load, not even the pinion gear was on. My motor max is 70a and I’ve changed my batt amps from 40a up to 70a. Brake regen is 30a. It seems to get worse after each change

Also, the maytech remote stays on even if I let go of the thumb trigger. It’s only about a split second but it’s a bit unnerving And as it’s jerking/sputtering it seems to all of sudden take off sometimes too

Does it stutter if you kick push first to get some momentum before you apply any power?

Did you calibrate remote/ppm settings? If there’s a high/low mode switch make sure it’s in high for all setup

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receiver defect. Happened with my board. Get a new remote and receiver

Yup setup the remote in high mode. It doesn’t seem to do it starting off, but once I get going it’s stuttering If I floor it off the line it will stutter If I ease into it off the line it starts nicely but will go into the stuttering problem

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Interesting Ben, what did you end up doing? Replaced rcvr, ?

Sorry, I meant to say, did you get a different manufacturer rcvr or another maytech?

Have u tried rebinding the remote

No I didn’t. I’ll give it a try tomorrow. I think the user manual mentions how to do it? I never bind it when I first turned it on. It just worked

My gt2b was working and then out of know where the motors would do would you said rebinded not a single issue now

hold the remote power button for 3 seconds, then turn on board, to re-pair Also, my board is not a DIY, its a production board, so i am waiting for the company to send us new receivers and remotes so we can install them

Awesome, thank you guys. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it turns out

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I couldn’t go to bed with out trying to rebind. Didn’t work

SOLVED… I had the receiver mounted in the same enclosure as the vesc. I moved the rcvr as far away as possible. Working great now. Thanks everyone Ps. I was wondering why the cable for the rcvr was so long!?? Lol

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