Is my schematic right?

hey, this is my firt build. is ervery thing all right?

what should i do with the 2 negatives wires from the balance wire? nothing? or connect them to the ground? do i need a anti spark switch? is that the best switch location in that schematic? can i use that charger 24V and 4Ah output for 6s lipo

here is my electronic part list. 2x motor 5055 190kv link 2x vesc link bms 10A charge / 10A discharge link i want to bypass the bms 2 3s lipo 5Ah or 8Ah 5Ah 8Ah charger 24v and 4 Ah link anti spark switch link voltmeter link

Your diagram is showing extra battery cells.

why? sorry i dont know what you mean

Man, 6s normally have 7 balance cables, 6 for the positive of each cell and 1 for the negative of the battery!

your volt meter needs two cables going in and out since it’s inline. It’s also not suitable because it supports 30a current max.

hey but there only 6 pins link as you can see

The first dot is the negative one

Like this

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why do i need more then 30A. the voltmeter is parallel to the batteries. and the voltmeter has a high internal resistance. the greater the resistance, the lower the current is.

This is a power meter, it also measures the current flowing through it, so at >30 battery amps you’re going to melt it. How would it measure power with only the voltage?

is this one right? link details: No power supply required Measuring voltage: DC 3.0-30V blue Working current: <20mA Display: Three-digit 0.4 \ "LED, blue color Refresh speed: Approx.500mS / time Highest input: DC 30V (higher than 30v has the risk of burning) Minimum input: DC 3.0V (below 3.0V, measurement inaccurate or not show Minimum resolution: 0.01 V (<10 V) /0.1V (> 10 V) Resolution: 1% + 1 digit Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ Size: about 40mm x 25mm x 23mm (L * B * H) Mounting hole size: Approx.37 * 20mm LED Color: Blue color

here is an update of my schematic. but i think it is worng for this type on balancer/bms

hmm maybe your schematic is wrong. as you can see on that picture. the balancewire has only 6 ports. link

and here is on thread where they have the same problem link

It has 7 pins on the connector. B- B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6