Is the 2.4 mini remote essentially a gt2b?

I’m talking about this one I’m searching for a reliable remote, and the 2.4 mini remote looks like a gt2b in a custom case. can anyone confirm if it’s reliable or if it’s working with gt2b receiver? Thanks.

This is totally different from the GT2B. Most would say it is just as reliable, though. Will not work with GT2B receiver.

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I wonder what’s the secret of its reliability, is it AFHDS? it would be great if we could make bluetooth reliable, like boostedboard (and evolve?)

it is not at all a gt2b, but like mccloed said, its pretty reliable and it comes with its own 3ch rx, the remote only has 2ch tho.

i’d say its the next most popular after gt2b, maybe more since the winning nano started acting up so much for so many…

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