Is the 6.7 flipsky pro mini just pure trash or did i go to hard? What vesc for replacement?

So finished my build and my first ride was awesome. I drained my whole 12s4p 16.8 Ah battery ripping around town last night (20+ km going hard). Such awesomeness, the thing Rips, has incredible range exactly what I wanted. I clocked speeds over 50 km/h. (Because I know you guys are gonna ask yeah I had a helmet/pads on, there was no traffic, and lots of light).

No problems last night. It sounded quiet. No overheating that I noticed.

Although the build worked amazing for the first charge, I’m thinking I should have done more research on flipsky because today everything went wrong. I noticed one motor getting significantly hotter than the other. So, I made some adjustments, realigned the brackets, lossend the belts a bit, and took it for another test drive. I had the one motor loss power then shut down. Presumably, thermal throttling because it was again hotter to the touch. I waited for it to cool down and tried again. Last test ride, same issue, thermal throttling then one motor shut down completely. I opened up the enclosure and vesc was maybe a little hot (this was after it had good chance to cool down). I tried powering it on again and the LEDs on the one side barely work (like I can see a tiny spec of blue light if I look closely). Basically one of two vescs is completely dead and now won’t work at all.

I had a fairly conservative power settings on both vescs, but I did go pretty hard with it right away. In the vesc software the FOC setup did tune both motors fairly different which seemed strange. One motor spun for a tiny bit longer than the other when giving it forward throttle (no mechanical restrictions as far as I could tell).

I’m really upset at flipsky already for the bricked smart bms I posted about earlier. Their customer service has been terrible. Basically ghosting me or answering in 20 minute intervals at 2 am. Telling me that they’re sending emails with a “drive file” (what ever that means) when they’re not sending anything. Telling me they’ll give a refund only if the device is in resellable condition, even if it’s defective.

What’s your guys’ opinions on flipsky and my half fried vesc? Did I fuck up buying from flipsky, buying a mini, or did I just go too hard? Could the motor have been the issue or is it common for the motors (flips sky 6354) to have tuned differently. Did the cann bus fuck up and tune one motor wrong which in time cased the fried vesc?

More importantly, what should I get for replacement vesc? I want something bullet proof. (motors are 2 * 6354 flipsky 190 kv, battery is 12s4p lithium-ion).

Unfortunately, yes. I would had gotten a stormcore or a makerx esc. I still have the dv6 and the retro and they have lasted me for years now. Their motors are great though.

Not really. Motors naturally gets hot with the amount of currents pushed into them so if they’re hot, there’s a throttle for that. However, that throttle will happen early and will make your board slow. Best way is to increase the motor temp in vesc tool to its maxium value. Keep the mosfet temp the same 85°c and 100°c respectively.

Not sure. Its flipsky though so this is usually the case with them.

stormcore or a makerx esc.

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Thanks a ton for the advice! I think I’m going to go with stormcore 60D+ since the bms I bought from them shipped quick and is working great for me.

I’m glad to here you think the motors are not going to be a problem.

This might be a stupid question but how risky do you think riding around with the one vesc and a single 6371 motor (still 12s battery) would be? I have one lying around and seriously love my esk8.

If you’re using a single esc for it, that would depend what esc is it? If its flipsky, you will need to limit the battery current to around 25A so it doesn’t break. Im not so sure if its safe with 12s. I’ve heard 12s breaks it but I can’t go by that alone.

If its a dual esc, it might be very risky considering you may not get the full power you want from your esc and motors.

Believe me when I say, you’ll wish you went with two single escs per motors.

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To clarify I mean one of the two vescs on my flipsky 6.7 mini pro. As a temporary setup.

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Yeah that’s fine. Sorry, if you meant the single mini, its no issue. Just make sure to limit the battery and motor current for safety.

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I went with the bigggggggg flipsky 6.6 dual. I wanted the biggest most heat sluffing vesc possible. I dont gun my board, and would not no matter which vesc I used. The amps skyrocket when you gun it from stop. Getting up to speed and then gunning it seems safer. Gunning it from a stop also radically heats motor.

There is some risk in using chinese stuff.

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@LeonCamero should I lower my motor current. The FOC wizard found that the 6371 should run at about 68A but the single vesc is only rated 70A. I’m think it would be better to maybe limit it to about 50A?

60 is a good spot.

Yeah I regret not going with a much bigger vesc like the stormcore 60D+. I think mine just overheated which is a shame because thought my values were conservative. Either way I think I’m going to run the single motor on the working half of the duel vesc for now and do another build for the two 6354s, that way a bigger vesc will be much easier to fit and I can do additional cooling. Speaking of additional cooling…

I slapped some extra heat sinks on who knows it might help a little

cool will do

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