Is the dual fsesc 4.20 plus enoguh for at/hybrid build

Originally i wanted to get the dual 6.6 from flipsky, but my budget is starting to get a little tight now. Could i save some money by going with the dual 4.20 or will it not have enough power for an at/hybrid build? Essentailly the question is whether 50a per motor is enough for climbing hills and going all terrain? I’ll be using dual 6374 motors and going on moderate hills (5-25 degree hills).

It’d probably be fine for light offroading, but it’s a severe bottleneck for 6374 motors. Also, the 6.x hardware is just a lot more robust - far less prone to DRV errors and the like.

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So i’d be better off just going with the 6.6?

Overkill is underrated - It’s better to overbuild your stuff, that way there’s some extra safety margin. You could get away with either, but moar power is always better, especially if you’re trying to feed 6374s. For $70 more I’d go for it, but that’s just me.

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Allright, i guess i need to extend my budget a little. Thanks a lot for the help.