Is the Mboard remote compatible with the Mboard ESC?

I bought an ESC from Mboards

and now I’m planning on buying their "ESC Remote V6"

But it’s description was awfully made, since I don’t even know if it’s compatible with that esc (that specific remote doesn’t have a receiver, it has to be compatible with a specific Esc). I have messaged them many many many (and many) times and still no answer.

So please, if someone has already done that purshase, please tell me if both Esc and remote are compatible together.

Thanks Anna :face_holding_back_tears:

Why are you considering doing more business with a vendor that


Serious question.

Well they seemed pretty legit when I first started looking over their store, especially with many videos that they have made concerning their products. But I guess it is one of my esk8 mistakes, Ill be wiser next time.

But why do I CONTINUE, is simply because I believe that that specific remote is really good quality and has many options. And I know it can only be compatible with specific ESCs since it doesn’t have a receiver, so I if it is compatible with mine (since it’s being sold in the same website) I want to make sure to not make a mistake in buying it.

Hey Anna, that remote will not work with that ESC as it is VESC based. You might consider this remote from torqueboards as a cheap alternative.

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Ok thank you because I was having real big doubts, but my second option was this one from Torque boards too:

By the way, would you think that other remote that I was about to buy from Mboards

Is compatible with the Torque boards Esc, since you know…it’s an Esc?

That remote is also not compatible with that Torque boards Esc.


Ok that’s all I needed thank youu I am almost there

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