Is the spacing between the truck holes the same on every deck?

Can I rely on the size and distance between the truck mounting holes on a random amazon deck (just an example) to be the same on say a trampa deck? In other words, is the sizing and spacing of deck mounting holes universal?

Thanks, TheStalyin

size and spacing are different from deck to deck, and from trucks to trucks (specially if you compare regular trucks to trampa)

Thanks for the tip. Does that mean I’m forced to buy an expensive trampa deck? I suppose I could probably drill the holes myself, but that would be difficult getting them perfectly symmetrical.

Truck bolt holes will be consistent on any skateboard truck made in the last few decades. (As far as mountain boards, I have no idea…). If are talking about wheelbase, that is specific to the deck.

There are two standard mounting patterns: old school and new school. New school moved the outside bolts inward 3/8" when tail slides became popular


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And if you have old school trucks and a board with a new school hold pattern (or vice versa), mount two bolts and use the other two holes on the truck as a drill guide.